Tinder creep

I'm a tinder creep for one girl and just one I met up with her and everything was fine I even got to make out with her In the woods on a hike she told me she liked me and then we started to walk back to my car I forgot my phone where we were making out so I told her wait in the car I'll be right back... So I ran back to my phone and something just hit me... I wanted to j*** off so bad... So I just went for it right there, stroking so fast rubbing my nipples with my other hand I was on my knees bent over looking at my favorite photo of her on my phone as it laid on the ground. I started to come so f****** hard when I heard a stick snap... She was right behind me watching... I turned around my d*** still shooting.. She was disgusted, she called an uber and left me there... I hadn't been with any woman since then... I don't even touch myself...



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  • Bull s*** flag has been thrown, fifteen days off line for incessant lying

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