I took my moms debit card

My mom abuses me verbally like she always yells at me and says she wishes I would leave and how ungrateful I am. So for once I think I should stand up for myself and doing so she took my phone. When she took my phone I didn't know what to do so when she wasn't looking I took her debit card. I hid it somewhere she would never look. Then that got me in even more trouble than I was already in so I tried to make a deal with her. Her card for my phone but she wasn't having it. So I tried to talk to her about my depression and my suicidal thoughts and she threatened to put me in a mental hospital. I don't know what to do someone pleaasseee comment something or suggest something. This entire fight started off me mentioning that I think we should take a few day vacation and she flipped on me when I started listing the reasons why. And when she took my phone she wrestled me for it. I'm only 12 btw. I know people are going to say things like how she bought it and its her phone but I really don't know what to do at all please help!

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  • Your mom is abusive - either report it or learn to live with it. Stealing is wrong period!

  • What the h*** are you talking about? His is obviously a family issue that doesn't have to escalate to the police... What a moronic advice!

    To the 12 yr old poster! As long as you live under your parents' roof, you obey or you find a way to support yourself... That phone is your parent's as you wouldn't be old enough to get the phone yourself...

    Too many ungrateful children nowadays who just want everything their way and if parents raise their voices and the child doesn't like it, they scream abuse! Grow the f*** up little one and you will soon learn that you don't always get things handed to you later on in life.

  • You're seriously sick if you excuse a cry for help.

  • This child tried to talk to his unfeeling mother about suicidal thoughts and her response was to put him in a mental hospital, there are deeper issues going on here, not just money and possessions

  • Totally agree with tanmoi

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