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Mike was best friend while i was growing. We did everything together. It was around 14 when like all young boys became interested in s**. We did everything in our power to look at p***. Videos, magazines, internet. More and more we became more comfortable mastrubating in front of each other while watching p***. Then it escalated to stroking each other off. I remember one day i went to his house and told him about a b****** i got from a girl the day before. He said it sounded great and he wish he knew that feeling. Then he whipped out his p**** and asked me to go down on him. I immediatly shot him down saying it was gay (like the other S*** we were doing wasnt.) i eventually said f it and did it. And i actuallo didnt mind it. We would perform oral s** and only oral s** on each other (even while i had girlfriends) up untill iwent to college and we kind of stopped talking. Ive never had any h*** erotic thoughts about any guys and Ive had plenty girlfriends since. But for some reason i dont think i will. It was just him. This kinda scares me. Am i gay?

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  • Lot's of boy's go through this, it's normal.

  • ^ He's looking for a date.

    I'd say not gay because you dig the chicks. Bi perhaps, but with a heavy heavy leaning towards women now. But don't ever think it was wrong to do what you did.

  • You were just kids, and curious. Beleve it or not, many kids go through the same thing. It's no biggie. ^^

  • No not gay, sexually experimental yes.

  • no

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