The twists and turns to recognizing that I was gay all along

During my college days I had a habit of going to the Waffle House late at night to study. Just ordered coffee, filled a booth and studied until 2 or 3 in the morning. One night a man was sitting at the counter and he kept looking at me. I guess I looked back, but I don't remember. I got up to use the bathroom and he followed me in. It was a single toilet and he locked the door and told me to get it out he wanted to suck me. He was much bigger than me and he scared me and he sucked me with my pants down to my ankles. After sucking me he got his d*** out and told me to suck him. I didn't do a good job so he had me hold onto the sink and had s** with me. The whole thing maybe lasted five minutes, I never used the bathroom until after he left.

For years afterwards I thought about that night. It was my crazy thing I did in college night. I lied to myself for a long time but I really liked it, especially the f******. I found myself thinking about it a lot and looking at men wondering what it would be like. In my late thirties I was on a trip out of town and I met a man at the bar in the hotel and went upstairs with him and this time I fully participated. It was alike a hunger you can't satisfy. He had to tell me to slow down and take it easy. He was prepared and had a small tube of lube with him and a condom. I asked him not to use the condom, I wanted it all natural. I also wanted him to kiss me, he did but he told me he never kissed it only caused problems.

After that trip I spent time at places that were rumored to be gay meeting places. They may have been but I wasn't lucky. I finally arranged to meet someone online. It was mechanical and a terrible experience. I started a new assignment and one of the men on the team worked in logistics and he must have seen something. He invited me to a party.

The party was a dozen men, all in that age group 40 to 60. There were no outward displays of affection, the purpose of the party was to watch a college game, their Alma Mater. My coworker introduced me around and I ended up talking with this man, a big man with a white beard who told me he had been a cop and married until he gave up the farce. He now managed a plant nursery. He noticed I was nervous and put me at ease and told me that what I needed was to just get it over.

We went upstairs to a guest room and he gave me a complete b******, slow and thorough until completion. After 'lapping' it up he kissed me until I surrendered to him. He asked me if I wanted it face to face or if I wanted him on my back and I chose my back. It was flat on the bed with a pillow under my hips and his total body weight on me. He was very slow and took his time, he whispered that he needed to feel it too. When he did finish he told me I was very tight.

I became a member of the group, although I hadn't gone to college where they did. They partied every weekend and I went home with him. I became his boyfriend and looked forward to seeing him and enjoyed tremendously kissing with him. Bit by bit he taught me, how to five a satisfying b******, how to stroke him, sword fighting and grinding, and of course how to have s** with him. He was all top and I was all bottom and I enjoyed my new role.

And that in a few paragraphs is how I came out of the closet and joined the world.

Aug 14

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  • Wow, that story made so f****** hard and when I reached down to feel myself I realized I had some precum. I want to be used by a bull like that . Having a man push me down on a bed and ride with others watching and knowing I’m being broke in would be amazing. How do you guys feel, would you watch me?

  • Hot story and hope for the rest of us.

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