I let him watch.

The other day I (28) was at my sister (34) and brother in laws (46) house, I was in bed in the spare room downstairs and seen someone walk past the window, I was just laying there in the dark not asleep yet but was about to, I seen legs walk by and got up, I looked out the window and seen my brother in law walk into the garage out back.
I don't even know why but I had an urge to try and let him see me naked so I turned on the lamp and put it on the lowest setting, I laid with my head at the foot of the bed and spread my knees rubbing myself through my shorts, I was laying there rubbing myself and had hoped he would be coming back soon but it took probably 10 - 15 minutes so I was actually kind of already into what I was doing. I had my phone out and was actually not looking at anything really, I was just holding it so he would think I wasn't looking at the window when actually I was.
FINALLY he walked past, Must have looked down and then I seen his shadow stop and turn around, I actually couldn't see him but I could see his shadow which he must have not been paying attention to, So I laid there continuing to just slowly rub myself and now I was really getting into it because he was finally watching, I started by just rubbing through my shorts and then I pulled them to the side giving him a little peek but as I continued I kept trying to think of what to do next, I eventually rolled over and lifted my hips, I pulled my shorts down but kept them at my ankles, I put two pillows under my hips trying to lift my hips to give him a better angle.
I reached back between my legs and was rubbing and inserting one finger and it was feeling really good but then I had a naughty idea and got my middle finger of my other hand wet, I reached back and started rubbing my butt hole and although I hadn't tried it myself before it felt pretty good, I have had one guy who used to do it, He really like rubbing it when he would do me from behind but he really didn't do it right, He was always trying to put it in and I kept having to fend him off so it killed the sensation for me.
So I kept going and was about to finish so I spread my legs a bit more and got rubbing both just right and then I F'ed it all up for myself, I felt a wave start at my chest and it rippled through my body, I was like (Whoaaaa!!! that's new) then I kept going and when it happened it was a different O than I have ever experienced, I don't really know how to explain it but it would build like a wave but then hit hard like Someone slapped my c*** with a wet hand and about the 3rd or 4th time I stopped rubbing both and just pressed on my cl!t and butt hole at the same time and then it happened....
I clenched my hips, Arched my back and squirted, Not a lot but it just like...Squirt...And I panicked and flopped down on the bed, Clenching my legs together and was like (Oooohhh fuuuuck, What the h*** just happened), I got up and bolted to the bathroom, Thankfully my T-shirt is my ex's and kinda long but I thought I had an accident but I kinda knew I didn't but I was so confused, I sat on the toilet and spread my legs rubbing hard and fast and yeah, So embarrassing looking back now but I "Squirted" hard...Into the toilet, It was so weird and it hit me so hard that after I just laid down on the floor and my whole body just had ripple after ripple, I was on the verge of tears but had just had by far the best O of my life.
Eventually I mustered up the strength to sneak back to my room and had to strip the pillow case off my pillow, Thankfully I had only gotten it on my pillow so before leaving I stuffed it in my suitcase so I could throw it out when I got home and almost had to stand on it to close it LOL. So anyway that's my story and yes I have tried to replicate it but haven't mastered it yet.

Aug 18

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  • Wow! That made me so WET.

    The reason you had such an incredible O was because you knew your BIL was watching and knowing that he was off limits but watching you was very erotic.

    It will be difficult to replicate.

    However, I am willing to bet having s** with your BIL will give you an even more intense O and I am sure he would be more than willing to oblige.

    If you want the ultimate intensity do it in your sister’s marriage bed

    Let me know how it goes

  • Made me want to c**!

  • You have a public fetish embarrassment .

  • “Applauding” Wow. What a great sister you are..😒 try not giving it up too easy. Our stocks are plummeting because of you. Stop giving women a bad name.

  • Go for it. If you want him take him.

  • Perhaps you haven't been successful replicating it because no one was watcing???

  • Wow, that sounds amazing. I’d love to watch that show. Too bad he didn’t come in so you could look him in the eyes while you came

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