My favorite uncle

My mother was one of the oldest in a large sibling group (9 kids). The age range was so big that her youngest brother (my uncle) was the same age as me. We were best friends and went all through school together. I used to get a kick out of introducing him to people as my uncle.
Well he got married to a girl we both knew (Jenny). They tried for 2 years to have kids with no luck. Eventually a doctor determined the problem was on his end.
One evening I was at his place and he was acting kind of strange. Jenny walked into the room and said "did you ask him". I was confused until they both explained they wanted me to help with getting Jenny pregnant. I figured a donor thing. But NO, they wanted me to have actual s** with Jenny. I kept asking my uncle over and over, "are you ok with this"? Jenny stood up, grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. When she started taking her clothes off I figured what the heck and stripped down. It was kind of weird having my uncle in the room watching as I had s** with his wife. Eventually he stripped down also and Jenny got on all 4's. He used her mouth as I kept on task. It was great not having to wear a condom and know I had nothing to worry about. And when I got off I filled her up!
For a solid month and a half I got to have s** with Jenny 3-4 times a week. Even when my uncle wasn't home. It was great!
Finally, a few weeks ago, she had a positive pregnancy test. They are very happy but since the s** has stopped I am h**** as heck!
I am really hoping they want a big family.

Aug 18

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  • Preggo s** is the best part

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