My thick, brunette wife being seduced.

My wife had told me about an event that had happened before we had started dating. She said that after a night of drinking, her friend (let's call him Travis) slipped her something in her drink that made her feel REALLY different - not in a good way. Travis wanted to take my wife back to his place (obviously, shes young, white, tanned, from Florida, thick with amazing t=ts and a shaved p=ssy. ) Her female friend (Megan) told Travis that she was going to bring my wife back to her place (she had noticed my wife acting very weird and slurring her words). Travis was very angry of course but he finally agreed. Megan then dropped off Travis at his place and brought my wife home. She had to get my wife into her bed, undress her, etc. I'm wondering what really happened and maybe you readers can help fill in the blanks.

1. I'm assuming that Travis had his hands all over my wifes privates. I don't know what the seating situation was like but Megan was driving her vehicle.

2. Megan is well known for being sexually active, shes young and white and brunette with big t=ts just like my wife Sara but looks more like Katy Perry. I am thinking that Megan either left Sara in her bed or something happened between them. Sara (my wife) always had mentioned that Megan had "wanted more".

3. I also saw on Facebook that my wife is actually friends with Travis.

4. One night during a love making session my wife had drank a lot of Fireball and I asked her "if we could make a few calls" - meaning having someone else come over and f=ck her. That stuff drives her crazy - though we have NEVER done it. But I asked what was the name of the guy "who tried to date r+pe you?" and she said "TRAVIS" and then his freaking last name as well. I got immediately hard and she started heavily SQU+RTING for the FIRST TIME. I could not believe it!!

I am wondering if there is actually more to what happened between Travis and Megan and my wife Sara.


Aug 20

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