That time I cheated on my wife and ran into my inlaws at an **

Several years ago my previous marriage had become quite sexless and stale and I started cheating on my then wife with my coworker. Four months in my coworker took me to my first ever **. Up until that point I had only ever had had ** with my wife and my coworker. It was quite the intense experience only magnified by the couple who showed up later that night.
There was I think about 18 people including me there that night with some couples showing up later. Two who did happened to be my in-laws. I was having ** with another girl and there was a couple between us and my in-laws, but when the couple moved I saw my then mother-in-law and father-in-law having ** with a woman between them. I distinctly remember the sheer shock on my ex-mother-in-law's face when our eyes met.
The three of us went outside to talk. It was a bit awkward to be there naked with my in-laws. I knew they were swingers, but hadn't expected to ever run into them. To make matters worse, as they were asking why I was there, my coworker came out to check on me and asked "Is everything okay, babe?" which made it abundantly clear to my in-laws I was cheating on their daughter. When it dawned on my coworker who this couple was she immediately left us alone to talk. She was super embarrassed. My in-laws and I came to an understanding after I explained everything. They agreed not to share with my wife, but said I needed to come clean with her about it or they would.
So I bit the bullet the next day and shared with my wife. She was definitely upset and left with our two kids to her parents' home that night. She returned the next week and said her parents convinced her to try swinging with me and start an open marriage. We laid ground rules and I was allowed to continue dating my coworker who she became good friends with surprisingly. My wife started dating a guy and the four of us (my coworker and my wife's boyfriend) attended two orgies together with her parents.
But unfortunately, our boundaries fell apart when my wife started dating another woman and things fell through with my coworker after I left my job. My wife found being with her girlfriend better than me and I started realizing I wanted stability in my relationship that could not be found in swinging. I wanted to stop, but my wife had fallen in love with her girlfriend and it all came to a head when I found out she had been going to multiple orgies with her parents and girlfriend without me and without letting me know. I suppose it was fair as I originally had cheated on her, but it still hurt. We got a divorce shortly after.
Our kids (my daughter and son were twins) were 16 and chose to stay with me as they found my ex-wife's girlfriend extremely hard to be around. They knew what happened between us and it took them some time to forgive me, but they eventually did as I had turned away from the ** lifestyle.
Three years later I ended up marrying someone I least expected. My daughter's best friend was four years older than her and had often come around to our house. She and I talked a lot over the years as I saw her grow up since she was a kid. One night my daughter saw us talking and suggested I take her friend on a date. If my daughter never mentioned it I probably never would have considered it especially since she is 18 years younger than me. From there it was history and after a year of dating I married J. J is very conservative and faithful and neither of us want to pursue an open relationship or swinging. She knows about my past and my ex-wife and my ex-in-laws. I am so much happier with her and that we have a committed relationship. She and I have been married for 6 years so far. My kids have told me their mom is still swinging with her girlfriend and parents. I regret having cheated on their mom, but glad we eventually split. A friend of mine asked why I didn't want to continue swinging. Honestly, if you were in that situation you quickly learn how difficult jealousy and other emotions are and I also saw my ex transform into a much colder, crazier person when she fell in love with her girlfriend. Living in the same house as her was very hard. I had tried swinging because of my affair with my coworker and it never really was for me, but once my ex tried swinging because of her parents, she loved it... and hated me. J is so much better and life is so much more sane with her.

Aug 22
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  • So you were a cheating **, and turned that into marrying a gal 18 years younger than you. You are the scum that good guys hate.

  • IDK how I'd react to running into my In-Laws like that. For us, my wife's parents found out I had gotten their daughter into swinging and such because we apparently swung with some of their friends and word eventually got back to them. We didn't have children yet, so they wanted our marriage to end and tried really hard to break us up.

    Like the OP we got into swinging to help our ** life. I didn't know it, but my wife had been cheating on me even before we married. Her guilty feelings had her pulling away from me. Since she hadn't fessed up to me, I completely mistook her thoughts and feelings and took us the opposite way.

    We were already getting tiered of the swing scene when she got pregnant. We saw it as a sign and stopped that stuff, mostly. We raised a bunch of kids and during it I found out what I know now. The kids are almost all out of the nest. Believe it or not we are thinking of getting back into the scene again.

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