Cuckhold wife

My wife convinced me to attend a part for a male coworker of hers. There were quite a few people there to start and everyone was drinking, playing games, and having a good time. At about midnight the party started to break up and people started leaving. I asked my wife if she was ready to leave but she insisted that we stay longer. About an hour later there was only my wife's coworker and us left. We had been sitting around a fire and my wife got up to get another beer. When she returned she sat on her coworker's lap and then looked at me with a devilish grin. We were all pretty drunk, so no surprise she sat on his lap but what she did next shocked the h*** out of me. She reached down and grabbed her coworker's d***, looked at me, and said "do you want to see me f*** another guy honey?"
I was so in shock at what she said I couldn't even say anything. She has never done or even hinted about having a cuckold lifestyle. Even if I ask her to wear something revealing out, she says No.
I never did say anything and just sat there watching as my wife proceeded to pull her coworker's d*** out and stuck it. Then she took off her clothes and sat on this guy f****** him right there in front of me. I was speechless and couldn't believe the s*** my wife had turned into right in front of my eyes. She ended up having several o****** and then this guy shot c** all up inside my wife's p****.
We finally left and on the way home my wife kept asking if I was mad. I kept telling her No but I think she thought I was. She asking me if I liked the show and said she did it for me. I asked her if she had ever f***** him before and she said No, that was the first time. She just kept asking me if I liked it and then wanted to know if I wanted to do it again sometime. I said very little and just let her do the talking. I have this feeling like that was Not the first time she's f***** him, and if I don't tell her yes let's do it again, she will just f*** him behind my back. Funny thing is, there is this girl at work who is pretty hot, and she has been flirting with me for about a year now wanting to have an affair. I keep telling her No because I'm married but now I think she and I will have a different conversation on Monday.

Aug 5, 2018

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  • With a b**** wife like that my how i would p*** her off is like this i would bring one of her best girlfriends home and f*** her right in front of the wife-most women will lose their minds when you f*** one of her good friends. t** for tat. i bet your wife would lose it.

  • Around age 35 or so, my wife went from being reserved to wanting to have s** all the time. She would be hot and ready to go every damned day when I got home from work, and my construction work is hard so I would be tired.
    Then she would gripe that I wasn't hard enough or didn't last long enough, always something.
    One day I got fed up, told her to leave me alone, go find someone else to take care of her. She broke down and cried, but then became p***** off. next night I came home, no wife. TV dinner thawing out, note that read. "Off getting laid." She finally stumbled in about 2 AM, best described as rode hard and put away wet. Since then I have not touched her and won't, so help me if she didn't own half of my ass I would kick her out.
    She does seem to have gotten over some of what her problem is, but no way can she fix doing that to me. I am working on getting financial under control, and as soon as I do I am out of here.

  • Please don’t start an affair with another woman, this would be very hurtful to your wife if she finds out. If as you say, you think she will continue to f*** this guy behind you back, it’s better to let her know you did enjoy watching her and would like her to do it again but always with you present or keeping you informed what she is doing. That way you still retain a certain amount of control of the situation and her safety.

  • Did you like watching her f*** someone else. Many husbands do get very aroused by this. You are very lucky she has shown her willingness to do this in front of you so encourage her to continue.

  • Forget the woman at work- just enjoy her playing where husband gets second.
    It is such a turn on sleeping with a wife when you know she does other men.
    This is the way it is now- enjoy it.

  • There is nothing more exciting than a married woman who loves c***. Lucky you I say

  • News flash dude. She's not only f****** this guy, she's probably f****** other guys as well. H*** I may have even f***** your wife.

  • My husband and I talked about couples swaps when we would get drunk and have s**. The conversation added to the excitement and made s** more fun for me. The thought became over whelming to the point it ran thru my mind all the time. I was watching wife swap p*** at work watching very well endowed men taking guys wives makin*the guy watch who’s p**** was much smaller. The women would tell how much better the s** was and how the bigger c*** fit them better. These videos was homemade and there was no acting it was obviously the wives enjoyed the bigger c*** better. I shared the videos with my husband sending him them over the phone while he was at work. He committed how he liked them thanking me then would send other he found as he found a different site with other videoes I hadn’t seen. When I got home my husband was naked and ready for s** we had amazing s**. We talked and joked about my taking a bigger c*** and knew when we did this it would be a must factor. Finding Mr Right with a online couples search was fun a few caught our eye. But one was a single white guy who caught both our eyes just under 11” long and just over 7” thick prover with a tape measure on pics. We contacted and suddenly got a response and started video chatting with him live. Setting up a meeting with him at our home the coming weekend that seemed to take forever. Making my husband strip naked his skinny 5 3/4” p**** rock hard looked so little next to my new stud while limp was so much more man. I slapped my husband little p**** with my new loves bigger c*** giggling telling him to look at how much smaller he was compared!

  • My new love didn’t take long to become rock hard, LOOK YOU LITTLE P**** THISNIS WHAT A REAL MAN LOOKS LIKE LOOK A****** F****** LOOK. I had grabbed my husband by the hair putting his face in front of my new loves huge c***. WRAP YOUR LIPS AROUND A REAL C*** LITTLE DUDE! my new love demanded ordering my husband, my husband obeyed showing respect to my new loves huge c***. Watching my husband giving him a b******* was intense he was a good c*** sucker being bullied and choking as my new love was very rough making my husband pass out. A big man in every since he picked my husband up throwing him on the bed and started eating my p****. YOU HAVE THE LITTLEST P**** IVE SEEN SINCE HIGH SCHOOL my new love said making me c**. YOU KNOW WHY ITS SO LITTLE my new love asked BECAUSE MY HUSBAND HAS A LITTLE P****, I screamed out loud my husband was already awake smiling as I taunted him. This game was fun I liked humiliating my husband and he enjoyed it as well. It was evident as his c*** came back alive rock hard. Gripping my husband by the neck my new love again forced him to suck his c*** while he ate my p****. Suddenly stopping getting between my legs placing the head of his massive c*** against my p***** entrance. LOOK HOW LITTLE YOUR WIFES F****** C*** IS HOW F****** TIGHT YOUR PATHETIC P**** HAS KEPT IT LOOK YOU F****** P****! My husband looked and was slapped so hard the massive hand of my new loves hand left a swollen print across his face. Continue

  • My husband had tears in his eyes and a smile he stroked my new loves massive c*** sucking it. Then said that’s why we want you here to f*** her she deserves a bigger c***. DAM F****** RIGHT I DO ITS ABOUT TIME YOU LITTLE SELFISH P****, My new love screamed telling my husband to lick my c*** and watch what I needed and deserved. I felt like I was a virgin his meaty c*** stretched me out making me hurt I grunted and moaned as I felt him going deeper. OMG YOUR F****** HUGE I screamed it was nothing like being f***** by my husband. It took a few seconds and every inch was rammed inside me filling me up ( something my husband could never do). I pretty much lost control orgasming hearing the taunts and teasing of my new love humiliating my husband. My husband was kissing me and we held hands I thanked my husband who was smiling. My new love was taking me to another level of pleasure my body was jolting o***** after o*****. It was so intense I begged him to stop but he wouldn’t he was to strong to stop. I almost passed out my heart pounded as he took me over and over I screamed I love you to my new love. Telling my husband sorry this c**** bigger and better and he f**** me way better than you ever could. I felt my husband shoot c** across my face my taunts turned him on so much. F****** LITTLE P**** LOOK LOOK F***** WATCH HOW HE SATISFIES ME COMPLETELY. My body gave out all my muscles wore out as my body orgasmed beyond my strength. Leaving me a limp body rag doll to my new loves ability to do what ever he pleased. He taunted and teased my husband grabbing him by the neck making him look at us f***. After he cam my new love forced my husband to clean his c*** and b**** licking off our mixture of c** from his b**** and c***. LOOK AT HER STRETCHED OUT F****** C*** ITS FILLED WITH MY C** WITH A SON WHOS C*** WILL BE BIGGER THAN YOUR LITTLE P****. He then laughed saying, OR MAYBE A LITTLE GIRL YOUR LITTLE P**** COULDNT SATIFY AS A TODDLER. Continue

  • You're a very lucky guy to have such a hot wife. I Sooo wish my wife would f*** other men; in my presence, or alone if that is her preference. I would love to orally pleasure her afterwards, and do a clean up service on her p**** afterwards. Take advantage of your situation while it's HOT.

  • You too fuckk her in front of wifey and ask her while doin so "honey are you mad at me ?".

  • I actually had that conversation with the girl at work. I told her what happened and she told me I should have slept with her before. We're planning on hooking up now, but we just haven't found the right time.
    I forsee a divorce in my future.

  • Make time else she will also slip from your hands

  • I have a great idea to back at your wife if you want to?

  • What's that? Let you go f*** her in the ass.

  • What have you got to lose?

  • Catch her cheating on line, I can make her do what you want and then she will feel so guilty that she will do anything you ask!

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