3 SoCal 20 somethings walking around in **

I once stayed with my future wife in her SoCal apt which she shared with two other girls.
All three girls were in their 20's and all 3 were really cute!
My first morning there, I came out into the kitchen for coffee, and the 3 girls were running to and fro getting ready for work....and all three were walking around in their little bikini **. Two has blouses on....and one was wearing a very high-cut on the hips body shirt of white lace.....the kind of thing which snaps in the **!
One girl spotted me and made a little yelp because she was in her **. My girl friend said, "Oh that's my boyfriend Tim, don't worry --- he won't look!"

"I won't look!!??"
SoCal girls are amazingly casual....even about **.
I'm a healthy 26 yr old guy and 3 very cute girls are walking around in front of me in their really ** little underwear. ** - my girl and her body shirt friend were killing me as they were both sporting really nice wedgies - ** tucked nicely into their cracks exposing one or both sweet young SoCal cheeks....and " I won't look!?"
I spent a wonderful hour watching these cuties get ready for work - the last thing they did was slip into short skirts for their office jobs....and off they went, ride-sharing.
Me .....I was left to ....open my cell and enjoy a dozen snaps of this ** parade....with my shorts around my ankles! Imagine 3 cute girls in their ** standing with their back to me eating their granola at the kitchen island!

Aug 25

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  • While we were living together before we got married, my wife had several of her college roommates stay in our guest bedroom. My wife's roommates and my wife would walk around in ** and a bra or ** and a nightgown. I would of course look at the roommates. But I never tried anything with them. When I asked my wife to marry me, she said yes since I had passed her tests of whether I would try to get her roommates in bed with me. I wonder what would have happened if I did get any of them in bed. Maybe I would have ended up marrying one of them instead of my wife.

  • And that’s what clarifies you were cucked early on and now your wife probably has a boyfriend or 3 that rail her often

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