Negative to a Positive

I caught my wife cheating on me a month ago. It has been the best thing for my ** life ever. We have only been married four years. Last week I cut my hand at work and had to go to the ER. Got a couple of days off work. Well I came home early. Walked in on my wife and a neighbor going at it on the couch. I knew him well enough that he was aware I don't go to the bathroom without my 45. I let him pick up his clothes and leave. For two days my wife apologized and begged me to forgive her.
So I did but on my terms. As in I own her now. She does anything I want. My favorite is to punish her in the back door. She never in four years of marriage let me ** her in the **. SHE DOES NOW! She will do anything sexually I want no matter how **. I intend to do even more...

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Step daughter

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  • You're a lucky guy ! Now you must not be limited to ****** her. Next step is to have her gang****** at least once a week. Put her on auction and let her to f***** by best bidders. Meantime it should be advisable to prostitute her (on user domicile basis). There's also an interesting way to make a lot of money in one shot. If you look on internet there are organisations searching for women to be rented to couples with sterile wives but who want children at any cost. They pay a fortune if the husband can get the opportunity to make a "female mare" pregnant with his seed and get the future baby as their own. Good luck !

  • When I caught my wife cheating, it was similar. A machine broke at work, so nothing to do until it was fixed, so I went home.
    There was a motorcycle parked in our driveway, I walked into the house, nobody in the living room.
    I found them in the spare bedroom, some guy way too young was pumping away, so engrossed they didn't notice me.
    I grabbed my Gopro, sat in a chair got the whole thing, even a closeup of him on top, his big ** slapping away.
    Finally, she opened her eyes, saw me and went "Oh!"
    "Having fun?" I asked, he jumped up, ** still half hard and grabbed his pants.
    "Run!" I told him, and he did, out the door with clothes in his hand.
    "I'm sorry, it just happened" she was bawling, I just laughed.
    "The least you could do is include me." I told her, then I made her get on her hands and knees and I hosed her myself.
    "From now on, you will ** when I tell you to and who I tell you to." I told her.
    So I send over two a week, charge them $150, covers the payments on my new Camaro.
    Works for me.

  • As I told to the other guy posting here, I suggest you not to limit you on that but you have to take a big advantage of the situation created by an unfaithful female. Put her on the net and open auctions for gang**** and let the best bidders to f***her. Prices for a weekend rent for a single woman to be used by many men are very profitable. Another good profitable solution is to put her online and rent her as mare for couples whose wife is infertile letting the husband to make her pregnant.

  • Whatever happened, happened for the best.
    Cheating is not that bad❤

  • Get a well hung dog

  • Try sitting on top of her stomach

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