Negative to a Positive

I caught my wife cheating on me a month ago. It has been the best thing for my s** life ever. We have only been married four years. Last week I cut my hand at work and had to go to the ER. Got a couple of days off work. Well I came home early. Walked in on my wife and a neighbor going at it on the couch. I knew him well enough that he was aware I don't go to the bathroom without my 45. I let him pick up his clothes and leave. For two days my wife apologized and begged me to forgive her.
So I did but on my terms. As in I own her now. She does anything I want. My favorite is to punish her in the back door. She never in four years of marriage let me f*** her in the ass. SHE DOES NOW! She will do anything sexually I want no matter how kinky. I intend to do even more...

Aug 26

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  • When I caught my wife cheating, it was similar. A machine broke at work, so nothing to do until it was fixed, so I went home.
    There was a motorcycle parked in our driveway, I walked into the house, nobody in the living room.
    I found them in the spare bedroom, some guy way too young was pumping away, so engrossed they didn't notice me.
    I grabbed my Gopro, sat in a chair got the whole thing, even a closeup of him on top, his big b**** slapping away.
    Finally, she opened her eyes, saw me and went "Oh!"
    "Having fun?" I asked, he jumped up, d*** still half hard and grabbed his pants.
    "Run!" I told him, and he did, out the door with clothes in his hand.
    "I'm sorry, it just happened" she was bawling, I just laughed.
    "The least you could do is include me." I told her, then I made her get on her hands and knees and I hosed her myself.
    "From now on, you will f*** when I tell you to and who I tell you to." I told her.
    So I send over two a week, charge them $150, covers the payments on my new Camaro.
    Works for me.

  • Whatever happened, happened for the best.
    Cheating is not that bad❤

  • Get a well hung dog

  • Try sitting on top of her stomach

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