Verbally assaulted in public

I'm finishing up my masters in creative writing this semester and starting my doctorate next year. i was having lunch with a friend when a young guy maybe 19 or 20 interrupted us and said i was 'pretty' tried to talk and asked for my phone number. wtf. i told him know one does that. my friend say to him we a couple. we are not. lol he started to apologize but my friend noticed he was wearing a company shirt with a hvac logo. she asked if he went to college. he said trade school. we told him he was a looser and f off.

Aug 28

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  • Have fun paying off those student loans working the peon service sector job that your education qualifies you for. BTW, the trade school guy who was hitting on you will be more valuable and productive to society than your creative writing will ever be. Grow up and learn some manners, you pompous **.

  • You have a masters in creative writing? You should ask for your money back because frankly, you are a ** writer.

  • Whoever did that was a pervert

  • How can you even say guy? They are a person with a **. You don't know they gender FFS.

  • OMG right? Like how dare some male tell a female she is pretty like wtf? It's just like assault or something unless the guy is really hot but thats different because I'm a real woman and you're just fake.

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