Sp**m Fetish

I am a 40 year old woman and I have a huge fetish for male sperm. Or the traditional slang term "c**". I love the taste and feel of it. I could bath in it!
But I don't have any desire to have s** with men other than my husband. He is pretty kinky and more than willing to help me out. We came up with a solution. A couple of times a month we go to an adult bookstore about an hour away from home. It is a large place with a group area and private room besides the old fashioned glory holes booth thing.
We get a private room and play around until we get h**** enough. The he opens the door. With a female in the joint there is usually a group of guys standing outside waiting. Guys are allowed in with the conditions that there will be no "real" s**. No oral, no p****, no ass. I lay down on a sofa and m*********, sometimes with a vibrator. Guys can watch and j*******. To help the guys out I give hand jobs and play with b****. Guys are encouraged to c** anywhere on me they want. Face, open mouth, t***, stomach. I am old school and have a nice bush. You would be surprised to see how many guys enjoy getting off on my bush.
After a couple of hours I am covered in c**. We shut the door and f*** like teenagers! My husband loves it! Me too of course.

Aug 31

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  • Oh wow that’s so hot

  • Me and my family was trying to have lunch at McDonald's until a man wearing a straw hat, overalls, and bare feet went inside McDonald's and he was holding a Banjo too and as McDonald's Employees tried to let the man know about the Dress Code Policy, he stands on top of the counter playing his banjo and singing Old MacDonald to the annoyance of everybody inside the restaurant. Then after he started shouting EIEIO the Employees began yelling at him to stop and to leave the restaurant and then the Hillbilly Farted right in the McDonald's Worker's Face and then he makes a dash towards the restroom and yes he went inside the restroom barefoot, now that is just nasty walking barefoot inside of a public restroom in a place where people eat, that just nearly made me lose my lunch.

    Then about 20 minutes later the Hillbilly leaves the restroom wearing only a pair of underwear with brown stains skidmarked on his underwear. He then laid his banjo on my table and then picked up his foot and he actually started to smell his feet in the restaurant while other patrons were trying to eat as I could hear everybody groaning in disgust and wondering if this man needs to be put in the funny farm because if you are smelling your feet in a restaurant than you should be given a one way trip to the Funny Farm. Then the Hillbilly snatched my sandwich off of my table and placed his foot inside of my sandwich, and then sucked his fat toes on my chicken sandwich. I was so mad and annoyed I took the inbred's banjo and whacked him upside the head with his banjo as McDonald's Workers began to drag this half naked hillbilly out of McDonald's as everybody applauded me for taking care of this whackjob while everybody outside pointed and laughed at this inbred hick for his rude and disruptive antics as they hauled his ass off to the funny farm.

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