If I meet a girl I try to figure out how religious they are

If they are real religious I won't date them.

27 days

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  • Twenty-five years ago, I was 18 and a senior in high school when a Catholic family moved in my parents subdivision. They had five children that went to Catholic School. Their oldest was Sarah and she was 18. I wasn't raised in church so they didn't like me hanging out with her. Her mom insisted I go to mass with them. I did once just so I could take her to the movies. I thought she was a 'good girl' during the movie she rubbed my crotch. After the movie she asked if there was a place we could go for fun. I did a stop for a condom and we went to an abandoned boat launch. She sucked me and rode my c*** like a champion bull rider! Her mom didn't like us dating because I refused to go back to mass. One Saturday, her mom asked me to come over while everyone was gone. Her mom told me she didn't like me dating her daughter and she's spent her entire life making sure she remains 'pure' before her wedding. In my mind, I was thinking, Sarah is not pure. Heck I don't know how many guys she's been with but I know I wasn't her first.
    Her mom wasn't bad looking for her age. She told me she's willing to have cardinal knowledge with me if I break things off with Sarah. Sarah and I knew there was no connection, we were just taking care of each other. I agreed and had s** with her mom. Her mom was a crazy woman in the sack. They are crazy!

  • Back when I was young, the Catholic girls would only suck c***. The Protestant girls would f***. My mother wasn't happy that I dated Protestant girls and then married one.

  • You beat me to the first comment!! LOL
    I was going to say Catholic girls have no religion. lol
    It was the 1980s and my family lived near an all girls Catholic school. Those girls would sneak out and meet up with us guys near a secluded area. If you wear a guy, you got a bj and if you had a condom, you were getting laid by those hoes. lol
    Like you, I married a Protestant girl. She'd been around but she was not crazy religious like those Catholic girls.

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