Should I keep going with my faith?

I was born in religious family background, schooled in private religious school since 6 years old and I'm secretary of religion organization in my university.

The problem is that after seeing how constraining my family was and how heavily indoctrinated I am during highschool after certain politically driven religious rally in my country, to the point I asked myself "is religion really relevant?".

I tried to asked this to everyone I can trust in real life but they just like "shut up and believe" and that's contradicting my logic and common sense

Apr 5, 2020

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  • Good of you for thinking. So many people can't.
    Observe what kind of meanness and hate is coming out of the present political administration. That's why we have separation of church and state.

  • Yes!!!

  • There are free thinking churches that include you as you are, abs still provide that spiritual connection. As long as you're open minded. Maybe there is a unity Church near you

  • Of course keep your faith. We all at some point will stand before the good Lord. At that point your religion will be very relevant because it matters not what anyone here says. None of us will be their to account for your personal relationships ship with the good Lord. It’s only you and him. So only hear what your heart says. We all will fail and fall short to sin. But with God in our hearts we have forgiveness and everlasting life. Pay no attention to what people say to you here. Even my own words mean nothing in the end. Only you and your relationship with God will matter at that moment. BTW.... Humans do love it’s just that their love is not as pure as the Lords love for you. God gave us the ability to love others. And it’s the devil who leads you to darkness. Yes he can use a human to do his dirty work but not all humans will lead you to darkness. Keep the faith and look to others that do to help.

  • No. You should begin worshipping Satan!

  • Keep religion in your life. God is real baby. He lead you into the light. Humans will lead into darkness. Remember God loves you. No human in America loves you. Including your mother and father. Praise God

  • Use your brain. Give up religion. It's pure nonsense.

  • When me and my twin sister were 15,our parents and us joined the local catholic parish.Sis and i didnt like the "strictness" of the parish and we had to be baptized first in order to become members! For our baptisms we were told that we had to wear all white,infant type baptism outfits to symbolize our purity of an infant entering gods kingdom!The parish loaned sis and i each a white,short sleeve,knee length baptism gown with a matching bonnet,then we had to wear a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and "rubberpants"[plasticpants] under the gown with white tights and white mary jane style shoes!We were baptized at sunday mass and it was quite embarrassing for both of us to be in front of the congregation dressed as babies! We went to mass for about six months and quit!

  • Gross

  • Catholics are child molesters.

  • You start with the line "Should I keep going with my faith"

    As I read it, you no longer actually believe. In other words your faith is gone.

    I think maybe your concern is that all your friends and network is connected into that life. You are a part of your tribe.

    It's a scary lonely thing to leave.

    It's a really lonely thing to leave.

    I know.

    I grew up in the church. A main line church. Nothing special. Married a girl I knew from a similar church. Said grace before every meal and prayed with the kids each night. Christmas with the in laws. Ran Sunday school and youth groups. Was faithful to my wife. But we drifted apart. I obviously had mannerisms and behaviours that pushed her away. She froze me out. Eventually she left me.

    I walked away from that church. I felt let down.

    But s*** I am lonely. I'd say most of my friends were somehow connected but I just felt so let down. All the things I had dreamed off were gone so I wlked away.

    Now I am I guess lucky in that I have a job and I can afford a place to live but coming home to an empty house. Cooking for one.

    So I understand staying or leaving is more than believing.

  • Good for you. The trick is: Learn to be alone without being lonely. Then try to develop new friends. Take some classes. Learn about new things. Be strong.

  • Shut up. You don't know what you are talking about

  • You must continue to believe. Our human logic and philosophies do not bind God. He is supreme and he reigns over all. Continue to believe. There is more reason now than ever to recognize God and place yourself in hlHis hands.

  • Stick your faith in a nearby dustbin.

  • Yes, by all means, you should hold on to your faith. With both hands !!
    !During this tsunami ofitwillsustain you (nothing else can). I don't think you believed for as long as you did as an act of intellectual assent: I think you food that because you had a spiritual connection. With God. Find that once again and maintain it. You will exit on the other side stronger, more sure and more secure.

    Be well, my friend , and God bless!

  • It's dark times like these when our faith becomes even more important. Religion is just an examination of process. It's the methods by which man relates to God. Our human comprehension cannot take all of Him in, nor understand him completely. So, our logic can't be applied. Please don't allow the viral march to damage or Rob you of your faith. God loves you and is with you throughout this crisis and chaos. I'm not telling you to ignore science or take foolish risks that fly in the face of medical knowledge, but lift your concerns to God --your fears and uncertainties -- and ask for His clarity and guidance. Will pray for Him to give you strength and Peace and comfort.

  • Religeon is about belief. If you believe that's great. If you don't then you don't.

  • Shut up

  • Riiiight. Shut up and let the others think for you.

  • Did you see there are so many stories of necessitous relationship in the Bible?

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