Mom Walked in While Using Vacuum Pump

I was at it for hours and lost time. Mom came home for work and I am in the open at the family computer desk with an open jar of vaseline and my d*** up a large vacuum tube designed for p**** enlargement. I was caught off guard and so h**** I didn't want to stop. Mom was frozen and just stared. And I imagine she was rightfully shocked that her son 15 would be doing this in the middle of the den. I managed to stop and pull my large swollen c*** out with one hand on the pump and the other sliding at the base and feeling my swollen veins and onto my large head. Mom said sorry and left the room. I couldn't move and had to finishing rubbing it out while trying to keep the noise down. I didn't care if anyone was watching. Reality struck when I had a large mess of sperm and vaseline to wipe up. Now every-time I pump I think my mom was turned on watching me pump and then how I slowly pulled out and rubbed at the same time with whimpers of pleasure. At first I was embarrassed but not after I realized she wasn't upset or embarrassed so I started thinking she liked it. When she cleans my room what does she think when she sees my pump? I don't feel normal thinking of my mom sometimes but I get h**** and do. Now with school I don't have the time m********* and worry I may shrink.

24 days

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