Best friend said we should get in bed with the other's husband

My best friend and I have girls' night out every month or so.
We leave the husbands and kids at home.
We go to night spots - have a couple of mixed drinks - and we only fast dance with each other - rejecting the male advances.
Three times my friend laughed and said "wouldn't it be cool to go home late - while our husbands are asleep. I'll undress and slip into bed with your husband - you get naked and slip into bed with mine!"
She wonders what would happen! "What do you think they would do if they found us naked in bed with them?!"
Obviously the possibilities really turns her on.
The thing is - I know that her husband really has the hots for me - he loves to watch us exercise in their living room - and teases me about what color ** I'm wearing that day when he sees up the ** of my little gym shorts.
I admit - I find his flirting a turn on as well - he is very ** to look at! and I have fantasized that I was under him - when my husband is pounding away between my legs!
I mean - I could wear some other shorts - or recommend we exercise in my apt!....but I don't.
I wish my friend would stop talking about getting naked and sliding into bed next to the wrong husband! I'm not sure how long I can keep laughing her off....
BTW - my husband does not find her to be the least bit attractive.

What should I do?

Sep 6

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  • Do it. She throws it out there to see how you react. A trade for one night won't hurt. If it works out, keep doing it.

  • How do u know for certain he doesn't find her attractive?
    A lot of men have to lie about that just to keep their wives from being jello and insecure.
    Maybe he only says it to reassure you.

  • Well, how to say friend is not very attractive. Her husband is ** - and I'm pretty sure they married because she got PG. She is significantly overweight, does nothing with her hair or make-up. Dresses in loose mom jeans and long skirts, etc.
    No - when we're out drinking , it's not she who keeps getting hit on. It's me.
    I know her husband and her fantasize about him ** me while they're in bed having **. She shared that with me one night after she had too much to drink.
    Pretty certain - it's just that she wants to watch... me getting rammed by her husband.
    If I went to their apt. and climbed naked into bed with her husband - I bet she'd bed sneaking in to watch - and not keeping up her end with my hubby!
    And once done - it's done. Probably ** up my marriage to a good man. While these two ** to it over and over!

  • Go for it and have some fun!
    Life's too short. Have no regrets later when you are old and disabled granny.

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