I'm 18 and like sneaking out at night dressed as a girl.

I put on a good front even though I weigh 116 lbs., but when I'm alone I'm a total c***. Deep down inside I am a total p****. I have to act like a boy when I'm not alone. I truly feel like a girl, I'm so easily intimidated. I like dressing as a girl any time my parents aren't home. My bedroom is in the basement and I have my own door, which I love to use to sneak out late at night and walk around as a girl. I do it in secret so it is super scary and exciting. I live on a street with only 6 houses but down a short path in the woods is a main route. There is a small abandoned farmhouse nearby through the woods. I bring handcuffs with me and leave the key on the path when I'm like 100 yards from the grassy field at the farmhouse. I smoke a joint, get up some courage and quickly hand cuff my ankles, then freak out, because I'm in my sisters old cheer outfit and wearing make up and have to make my way back to the key which is in total darkness 100 yards or more away. My biggest fear is getting caught and being outed by my friends and school mates. My life would be so over. The embarrassment would be to much to handle, but I am going to continue. I truly love being a girl in secret. When I feel helpless I get so h****, the thought of being tied up and used in the worst way excites me. My dream life would be moving away and belonging to a b****** of a man. A man who would keep me in my place with no mercy. A man who would actually control me, enforce my servitude and respond with absolute conviction should I not obey him. I don't want to roleplay, I want to be actually helpless and controlled. I want him to take every penny I have and dispose of every stitch of clothing I have. Being naked and not being able to do a thing about it would be so humbling. Men are men and deserve to be respected and obeyed, p****** like me deserve nothing and should know their place, I know I do. I had to tell someone.

21 days

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  • I tell you what, you grow some b****, dress up like a girl, put some make up on and if you look pretty, I'll do whatever I can to knock you up. While you're chained to the bumper of my truck. I'll fill you with so much c** in both of your holes that eventually, science will reverse it's logic and you'll carry my child in your belly. You sound like a worthless piece of meat, and that's exactly how I'll treat you. Now shut the f*** up and blow me, s***.

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