Does the bible actually say you can't lie?

One of the ten commandments says "Thou shalt not bear witness against thy neighbor" OK while you can't lie about your neighbor can you ie about other things? The bible doesn't say you can't. You just aren't supposed to lie about your fellow man.

Sep 10

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  • I don't think we need the Bible to tell us not to lie. There are things that are wrong that we don't need instructions to tell us not to do. The Ten Commandments don't mention abusing children, but we all know that it's wrong. Besides, the Bible mentions that it's wrong to lie in other chapters and verses, so no, lying is not cool for any reason.

  • Human beings just wanna sin. God put down the Law. You obey God no matter how much you doubt his words. It's nobody's choice to try and determine what the laws are. Let God do that for us.

    Also I use the Quran as a "heater" for my whiskey bottle it works like a charm helps conduct heat from the radiator to the bottle. I wanna go to the mosque and ask if this is okay cuz Muslims are iffy about their symbols. Should I?

  • Bible also doesn't say anything about watching p*** on your phone...

  • Bible says "He who looks at another woman with l*** has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Pretty clear. Also I tend to smoke cigars while studying the Quran. Is that a fire hazard. Cuz last time my house burned down and my Quran was in it. I did manage to save my month's supply of frozen bacon strips though.

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