People are built differently now.

Back in my day this never would have happened unless you were a part of a select group, I went to a work function two weeks ago and then joined a group of people going out after, I have been single now for 23 years and am 43, When the "Ugly lights" came on I was like "Aaaaahhhh, Come on, I was just getting going", Which in reality I had probably hit my peak for the night but...A young lady from accounting said "we are having people over, want to come?", I said "h*** ya, Let's go". That was my first mistake.
My second was not picking up on the cues like...We caught a cab just her, her husband and I, When we arrived no one else was there, 15 minutes in it was just me and her dancing with our drinks in hand which had been mixed quite strong and then her husband went and changed into some shorts and a -shirt. Her husband watched as we danced and then we got into a slower more...Grindy song and I didn't pick up at all how....Handsy she was getting before she had me slightly worked up, When she kissed me I kissed her back which was only the second time I have kissed a girl with the last time being 13 years ago also very drunk.
We laughed and sat down on the couch with one of them on either side of me and I just didn't catch any of what was going on until there was a hand on each thigh and she was again kissing me, when her hand slid up my thigh and brushed my...Ahem...You know what it caused an instant reaction, My nips stiffened and I got embarrassingly wet and I made an embarrassing moan which she took as a cue and sat on my lap facing me, It all went down super fast and whether I wanted to or not it was happening, I don't even know if I wanted to or didn't but I was strapped into a roller coaster for the next however long.
My top around my waist, My bra tossed over her shoulder, Her top up...Off...and gone, My lips and tongue on her nips, Her hand reaching back and down rubbing me through my panties, She was as worked up as I was and I had basically forgotten about him until she stood up, Took my hands and stood me up, Led me to the bedroom and tossed me on the bed. Then I realized he was still there because as she swiped off my skirt like a pro he knelt beside me with a big, long, Thick, rock hard d*** and didn't wait for me to say yay or nay and then it was in my mouth, and then my panties were off and she was licking me.
I would NOT have normally just went along with everything, I am always embarrassed about by small saggy b****, My ugly nips, My round butt and I didn't even think about it until after but I hadn't even shaved in like...7 years because no one had been down there. I have never had the...Choking experience and it scared me a little but I think being scared added to it for me, He put his hand on my throat and as he squeezed I felt ripples, 1...2...3...and...Holy F'ing H***...I came with a ferocity I have never known, She sat up and he held my knees open as they shook while she reached down and rubbed my c*** then shoved two fingers in and found my G spot and I let loose with my something even I have never been able to make myself do, I couldn't stop it, I just kept coming and coming, and my whole body was all at once in sync.
It was a flood, Never have I ever imagine I could even do it let alone that I would but finally I rolled over onto my stomach, My whole body ached and they had switched places, She laid beside me and kissed me, He slid in me while I think I was still dripping, I moaned "Oh god yes" and we were off to the races again, Me and her kissed and then she worked her way up as I kissed her neck, B****, Stomach, Pelvis and then she flipped a leg over my head, Slid under me and grabbed my hair and I buried my face in her, there I was licking a beautiful 23 year old girls p****, Completely smooth, Soft, Wet and basically perfect in every way, He grabbed her one leg and lifted it, She pushed my head down and I liked the other hole which again was just perfect and pink and I don't even know why I did it but I did.
He was holding the perfect pace, He had his thumb in my other hole and was doing that perfectly, I didn't even feel it coming but I had a shock wave run through just my hips and came again, Not as hard but I felt it get really wet.
After that she had flipped around and slid under me, I was licking her, She was licking me and he was in me still, He thrust deep a couple times and that was when she came, When he moaned that he was coming she started moaning "Yes, Yes, Yes" and lifting her hips, I was impressed with myself because it was a pretty big c**, Not like my first one but it was definitely a large one and left a decent wet spot, As he pulled out she was pulling my hips hard to her face and was right in there.
I had to take a break, I couldn't even move anymore, My legs were jello, My arms were sore, My hips ached, My nips felt like they were about to...I don't even know but they ached in a way I had never felt and no one even touched them...Yet. I was basically just tucked into bed and one of them was on each side of me, She sucked my one nip and I was like "No, No, Just...Just give me a minute". Next thing I knew I was being woken up not very long after I must have dozed off while I was laying half on him, One arm over him, Half my body and one leg on him and she was on her hands and knees spreading my cheeks and licking me.
No kidding it took me about 5 seconds to realize I was still involved in this but when I did I melted onto him, Me and him kissed passionately while she licked me and then I moaned "f*** me"...Well...I didn't mean for that to come out but she had obviously gotten some stuff out of the night table or wherever they keep that stuff because she started working her d**** in me, He got me on top of him, Like straddling his stomach and she was doing me with a d**** and then I came on his stomach, He loved it, I was embarrassed and he just pushed my hips down and slid in me rock hard again.
On top is usually my weakness but I think all my o****** had completely relaxed me because I rode easily and he held my hips as he came in me again, holding me against him while she licked my butt and that combination made me come again, I don't even know, I think they broke my o***** limiter because it was like endless o******, they made me come at will and then he rolled me onto my back, She straddled my face and I made her come once more. I never should have relaxed after that but we were all in a sticky, Wet, Sweaty mess, His come, Her come and my come everywhere, Somewhere along the way he came in my hair because it was a disaster the next day but anyway they tucked me back in and I woke up to the sun streaming in through the blinds as she sneaked out of bed, She went to the bathroom and before I could bail she came back, Slid in beside me and kissed me, We snuggled, It was so weird how comfortable it was but we snuggled and I dozed off again, I woke up with her big spoon and me little spoon. I woke her as I wriggled free and crawled over her, As I did she reached down and slid her hand over my p****, I giggled and she giggled and then we both suck out of the bedroom, I gathered up what I could find on my way out of the room and then found my top in the living room, My bra had POOF disappeared when it went over her shoulder so I made my uber ride home looking like I had just left a g******* with come in my hair, No bra, No panties and no self respect, I got home, Showered and crashed...Hard.
I woke up to a couple messages, from friends and replied, Went about my day and the next morning strolled into work, My co-workers were like "Hey, You look good today", My one co-worker who I am close with pulled me aside and said "What's up with you today?, Spill the beans", I tried to pretend I didn't know what she was talking about but she was like "Oh...It's obvious", She still thinks I met a guy, I was later approached when I was sitting staring off into space, Yup, By her, We had a long talk and then I walked away with a standing invite to supper that night. Well....14 days have passed and we have spent 8 nights together, I am pretty sure I am dehydrated constantly from the amount of fluid they coax out of my body but I can't stay away, My brain, My body, My soul all crave the things they do to me.

19 days

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  • Women are so weird. That was not embarrassing at all and incredibly boring. you guys suck at story telling

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