I hate my dormmate

I live in a dormitory with two guys. as per college policy i can't switch dorms or force one of them to move out if there is no violation of 'student conduct rulebook' rules. But this ** never ** stops talking, even if noone wants to talk. if the two of us ignore him he just calls someone and talks for hours(not exadurating). he once talked for three hours and 12 minutes on the phone(yes, i timed him). even when the person on the other end has had enough and hangs up, he just calls another one. seems he has no shortage of 'friends' he can call. the most i can hope for is 15 minutes of silence before he starts yapping again. for the longest time i've been using my earphones trying to drown him out, i think i'm starting to lose my hearing. i've even confronted him about this problem, even set up an 'intervention' with fellow students who know and despise him, just to make him aware that his constant need for chatter is unhealthy and maybe he should seek help. but nope. apparently i'm too quiet and i'm the one who needs help. today i plan on throwing a hissy fit to the guy responsible for students' housing(over here they're called procters) and demand to be transferred. this will taint my relationship with school official as i have never made a fuss over anything before, but enough is enough

Sep 23
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