Well it went amazingly well.

My husband and I have often discussed what would happen if we ever found ourselves in a situation where we could include another person in bed, We had mostly discussed another woman and even on one occasion almost went through with it but...Last weekend we went through with it the other way. We had been at a gathering and ended up back at our rented condo with my husband, His brother, His best friend and I.
We were just being sort of silly and drinking and laughing when my husband blurted out that I should flash my t***, I was a little surprised but I was just drunk enough that it seemed like a good idea, Within a few minutes I had my top completely off and my BIL was groping my b****, 5 or so minutes and my husbands best friend had his d!ck in my mouth and we were off to the races. I had to tell my husband to settle down a little and he did, he settled in and I did as well, First his best friend took me from behind with my husband in my mouth and he only lasted minutes, His brother took his place, His brother moaned "Oh god Michelle, I have always wanted you to suck my d***", My husbands friend asked where he could come, I said "Inside", He did and then pulled out, My husband rolled me onto my back and slid his d*** in me, My BIL slid his in my mouth talking about how hot I am and how beautiful my big b**** are and then he started to come, I pulled his d!ck out of my mouth and he grabbed it finishing on my neck and chest.
My husbands friend barely waited for him to move and slid his d!ck in my mouth, ad on and on it went, I don't even know how they got it up so many times but my husband asked for a come shot tally after and he later told me 11, My husband 4, His brother 4 and his best friend 3. After my husband and his friend were done, Just all done, Couldn't even possibly manage another round my husbands brother was up for one more, Just me and him on the bed while the other two watched and then he pulled out and straddled my chest, Slid it between my b**** and squeezed them together as he shot a load, It wasn't big but hit my chin and neck.
After it was all done I just laid on the bed nak3d and exhausted watching as they all got dressed, I had wiped my face and my husbands friend walked over, Cupped my b00b and sucked my nip then kissed me, My BIL came up next and kissed me while rubbing my cl!t and then sucked my nip, Whispered in my ear "You are amazing" and the two of them left. My husband and I curled up and went to sleep, The next day I was nervous of his reaction but when I rolled over to face him he was already awake, He kissed me ad we fuck3d and then went to meet everyone else.
The first contact was with his best friend who looked at my husband and said "We good?", My husband nodded and they fist bumped, He looked at me and said "Are we good?", I cleared my throat and said "Oh ya", He smiled and said "Good", I didn't see my BIL until a little later but bumped into him in the hallway, He nervously bit his lip and I said "Hey....You ok?", He said "Yeah, I am fine...Are you ok?", I scoffed and said "Oh ya, I am good...Really good", He said "Ok, Good", I went to walk away and he said "Michelle", I said "ya" and he walked up, looked around and said "Is my brother good?", I said "Welll, When he f***** me this morning he was harder than I have seen him in quite a while so....Ya, I think he is good", He slid his hand in my top and squeezed my nip and since my hands were full I let him, He leaned in and whispered in my ear "I have wanted to f*** you since high school" and walked away.
My husband and I have discussed it constantly and his brother is coming to our house tonight.

Sep 27

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  • My wife and I were invited to a party, several couples were there. The house had a bathroom located in the middle of the main floor, and the house was unfinished so there were gaps where at a certain angle you could see right in there.
    I saw one of the other wives go in, she looked out and spotted me, flashed her b****, then curled her finger inviting me in, so I went and locked the door. She dropped her slacks and bent over, so I took advantage. But my wife walked by outside and saw us, along with several others.
    When I came out, she was mad, and told me if I could, she could, and she then proceeded to one at a time s**** nearly every guy there.
    Nothing I could do about it, so I joined in outside and soon everyone was, six couple and two single guys, one single female, all naked and going at it.
    Amazing, sadly we never did anything like that again, but I wouldn't mind. The wife flatly refuses my hints.

  • That is really sexy!
    I know my brother would have loved to f*** my young wife. The night she slid into his hot tub with her mound inches from his face as she stood there directly in front of him wondering where to sit.....he couldn't take his eyes off of her crotch in that leggy high-cut one piece bathing suit! My SIL did not appreciate how long my wife stood there letting us men enjoy looking at her mound.
    My wife wore short skirts and tiny shorts to every cook-out he gave. ...because she is young and doesn't mind men checking her out.
    She said, "Girls look at guys and guys look at girls - it's just natural!"

  • Your wife sounds like an incredible woman

  • What a lucky lady. I’m so jealous

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