Smoking again.

I started smoking and 2 days later my wife randomly asked to join me. She did and we smoked for 2 years, when she got pregnant she quit and I quit for about 6 months until I started again, she did not smoke the whole pregnancy the quitting was very easy for her.

She had the kid, then a week later I planned to get her drunk, drunker than she has been in a very long time. About 2 hours into giving her wine after wine I asked her to go smoke, she is resistant at first but finally gives in. She goes out and lights up, I get harder than a rock, I guess I have a slight fetish for that. Anyways in about 45 minutes I time it, I ask her to go again she says no once, then I easily convince her and she goes again. Again 45 minutes later I ask her to go smoke, she agrees right away. 45 minutes later shes hammered at this point, she asks me to go smoke. We go to sleep, the next day I ask her to go out she says no she doesnt smoke, so I leave it at that I know whats going on.

The next day comes and a trivial event happens and she comes home crying and says you want to go out, I say yes as she lights up inhales deeply and exhales she says, well I guess I'm doing this again. That night we got a blanket, she laid in the yard as I pleased her for about 30 minutes while she smoked. Now shes hooked more than ever.

Sep 30

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