I Can't Trust My Wife

I suspect my wife has been cheating on me and maybe for years. She has a powerful job and has used her ** appeal to rise up and advance. I am clearly a beneficiary of this economy. But it all came at the expense of our relationship. It's not the same from when we met. There is a third leg in our relationship, and it made us less sturdy while they thrive on what they do together. I thought I could overcome this. I can't. I need the strength to divorce her and get my pride back!

Oct 25
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  • Better than staying home and jerking. She's having good time

  • Read Female led relationships together. This will help you both. You just need to learn how to make this work for you both. She is an alpha female & she needs to teach you how to be a beta.

  • Just surrender to her. Tell her she could do whatever she wants and you will do whatever she wants. Tell her she is worth it and she deserves your unconditional love and whatever else she wants. You have nothing to lose, try it for one year and see how it plays out.

  • Hire a detective to prove infidelity in court and then file for divorce.

  • Don't be offended, be proud of her. Most all wives get extra ** on the side, unless they are ugly. Her sexuality will improve, and so will your ** life with her! She needs you still, but she needs ** too.

  • Her sexuality will improve? WTF does that mean? How is this going to be better for him?

  • She will gain experiences that she can take to the marriage bed

  • She's not going to puppy school, she's getting plowed by her boss with his beer can **. The only thing she's coming back with is two busted holes! Her husband is getting sloppy seconds, maybe thirds, and maybe some sort of infection..

  • If she is getting “plowed with a beer can **” she is a lucky lady.

    I doubt her boss is that big.

    Her husband has nothing to worry about. Most married women are committed to their husbands. Most instances of infidelity are short lived. She will get some attention. It will make her feel ** and wanted. Then she will feel guilty and ask for forgiveness

  • Lmao she could just read the internet of she wants to learn new things to bring to the bedroom

  • Yes but nothing beats the actual experience

  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

  • A more coherent argument has not been heard....

  • Yeah. And she can get that from the man she Married!

  • Yeah, like ram it in deep!

  • Yes I’m sure you are correct in your suspicions, I would confront her on it. If it continues I would get divorced

  • Sup **? How about I ram this ** in your **?

  • You need hard evidence first. Be smart about it.

  • Pride is over rated! Enjoy the benefits from her job. Most wives ** other men.

  • ** wives.

  • Most wives? Really?

  • Yes the infidelity rate in women is actually much higher than men.

  • Eeh!

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