I hate Amanda and Russell.

Russell I hate that you don't pay child support. Amanda I'm sick of all the lies. No Russell doesn't pay child support, No I didn't tell Gracie he was dead but I did say he was a dead beat ( learn the difference) No I didn't take off with her for 8 months. Where did you get such a lame story? If that were true,Gracie wouldn't had been attending public school. You can try to take me to court all you want but they'll find out that Russell owes nearly 35,000 in child support. There are allegations that you chocked Russell's oldest little boy and Russell touched both boys inappropriately. You Amanda had a baby that was shook to death. So go right on ahead and tell your lies about me. They'll see plenty of proof that nothing the two of you say is true and I hope to God they find you two guilty and you two rot behind bars and thank God you two lost custody of his two sons. I wish both kids and including my own, peace and joy while you two piles of ** reap what you sow.

Nov 1
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