Older men

Hi, told noone else this ever but really wana tell someone, im 17yo and two months ago i broke up with my bf, we are over, unlike my other single friends i have not been interested in guys my age, i have been meeting and sleeping with older guys! the oldest was 57 and the youngest was 35, i have slept with 8 diffrent men now, i really crave the older men as guys my age seem to do nothing for me, iv even had two threesomes with guys old enough to be my dad, but i dont dare tell anyone encase im judged as a w****!

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  • Good girl & far advanced regarding perception & the value of men.. De girl comprehends well the perpetual constant being that older men indeed are & always will be better lovers..

  • Think you should tell us about the threesome with the two old men

  • Id second that, would live to hear atory of your young 17yo body getting f***** by two old men

  • What do you want to know?

  • Everything... every last detail

  • First time or the best one?

  • The best/ most dirtyest f*** youve had with two old men

  • I'm 60 with an 8in fat c***, id love to f*** you. You are a s***, not a w****. God bless you for giving the older man, a lovely young c*** to enjoy

  • I need your c*** so bad. I'm 16

  • That makes me laugh fool.. You don't qualify to mate with a girl yet.. Keep your hand[s] wet.. You'll be needing them..

  • F*** off you, illiterate w*****

  • Where you from and it yours. My 60yr old c*** is hard for you

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