Sometimes in life you have to lay back and let it happen

We are a mid thirties lesbian couple, we actually got married in 2019. The pandemic hurt us financially, my wife lost her job of ten years because of the slow down in the economy and I struggled with my job to support us. We couldn't keep up the payments on our house and were in danger of losing it to foreclosure.

Our neighbor, a seasoned financial guy, got involved in working out our problems with the bank and to forestall foreclosure. He was honest with us and told us that the principle and interest still accrued, we were going to owe more on the house than it was worth. Sell it to him, we would pay rent to him, and when the whole mess was over and we were on our feet financially he would sell it back to us for what he paid for it. No contract, no papers, just his word.

Somewhere around July of 2020 he was at our, his now, house and he suggested to my wife, that as long as she was home she should go ahead and get pregnant. It was a good time, make the time work for her. My wife never had any intentions of getting pregnant, under any circumstances, she's too 'masculine' for that. But he went right through her objections, she had the plumbing for it and he was happy to do the honors. He put his forehead to hers and told her that is what it was going to be, he wanted her pregnant, if she didn't want to 'watch' he just as easily would take her from behind, but pregnant she was going to be.

Let me just say it was messy, but she got pregnant pretty quick really. 'Masculine; or not, she was a very fertile woman and he was a very virile stud. He was so virile that he contaminated me too and I got pregnant around the same time. Spending all those months at home, pregnant, waiting day by day by day for the babies to grow seemed like an eternity. He had the second room in our, his, house remodeled as a nursery and he told us that when he was done he wanted a smiling baby in every chair at the dining room table.

My wife had to pull her tail in between her legs and let him be the boss of the house and learn to be tender with him and do as he said, give him all the access her wanted. She had met her match and he was winning. As a sideline player, being dragged into the game from time to time for a demand performance, I showed her how it was done, lay back, think of a walk on the beach, take him in and let him enjoy himself until he was done. In other words, surrender, give in, acknowledge him. We wanted him close, he was the father and we needed his support money and wanted him involved with the babies growing up.

By the time the babies came, it was 2021 and things were opening up and thoughts about my wife returning to work were being discussed. Or she could just stay home and do it again, have another baby, we needed to fill the chairs at the table so why not now. As before, his virility was enough for both of us to be pregnant and we returned his investment in June of 2022. Now we had met our quota, all the chairs at the table had a baby, and as parents we had the other two chairs.

With the babies he decided that he would 'gift' us the house back, and made arrangements for monthly spousal and child support payments to be deposited in our account every two weeks. My wife is busy with the children and doesn't want to go back to work, her inactive female hormones have taken over and she is all mom and doesn't reject his attentions. It's a walk on the beach and she lays back and accepts the inevitable, he's the man of the house and we are compliant docile wives for his 'ultimate' pleasure.

28 days

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  • I'm husband in a heterosexual mariage. We have friends where the wife had overian cancer and they were both removed. My wife suggested offering her womb to them. I was ok with it and one day when we were visiting she brought it up. They thought about it for months and at various times it was discussed.
    Eventually it was agreed.
    We all went into the bed room.
    My wife lay down and spread her legs.
    The other husband f***** her. Very mechanical.

    We did it a few times until my wife got pregnant.

  • Great story.

    I asked our neighbor to allow her husband to father our baby. I watched him make love to my lover. Saw the intense pleasure she experienced and begged for him to do the same to me.

    We both became pregnant and secretly still have s** with Jim

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