Need to stop.

I need to stop, I have been sending my husband naked or partially nude pics but not of me, It all started by accident one time, I was about 32 and we were engaged and I snapped a pic while camping, I didn't realize before sending it that I the background my friend Erin was putting on her bra and he replied with "Ummmm...That's interesting" and I was like "Ooooooohhhhhh shiiiiit, Delete that please", Obviously he didn't but it was like 3 weeks later I was in a room with another friend trying on some clothes and while she had her back to me in just a thong I snapped a pic and sent it to him, I asked "Is this better than the last one?", He replied "Is that Erin?", I said "No, Jess" and he replied "Holy s*** she has a nice ass", I sneakily snapped a few more including her topless b**** and he was so into it (She does have great b****).
I never should have even started because I am like an addict now, I snap pics of my friends or hot strangers in the change room at the gym, At the rink when we play hockey, Girls nights out or Every time I can get one to change in front of me basically, I progressed from my friends to my sisters, My mom, My cousins and my only niece who is over 18, butts, B****, Vag's, Naked, Topless, Whatever, I took a picture of my baby sister and her friend squatting and peeing one night drunk and laughed about it but I still sent it to him.
He mentioned the other day he has over 300 pictures and after he said that we crawled into bed and I jerked him off as we scrolled through them on the tv. Sheesh, Why do I find this so erotic, I need to stop before one of them catches me.

25 days

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  • Stop sending them to your husband and send them to me instead record674@gmail

  • H*** yes you need to stop. What were you thinking betraying your “friends” and your FAMILY, like that, just so your husband can get his rocks off? Jesus, they trusted you, that’s why they felt comfortable changing in front of you! You completely betrayed that trust, and if I EVER discovered that one of MY friends sent nude or even topless pictures of me to their respective husbands, I’d be fu**ing livid! I certainly would NEVER undress in front of them again, and I doubt that ii would even keep them as friends!

  • Hot

  • That is so sweet.

  • I would never let you go. If you enjoy the stimulation of it all keep it going. As I said, I would never let you go. All I would ever need... Is you ! Pictures be damned.

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