My husband lied to ne

I’m 43 and too trusting. I admit that I’m submissive to my husband but I have trusted him for 16 years to keep me safe.

He requires me to stay in shape and he has wanted me to have breast implants. I’m afraid of the surgery. So I’m 32C 24 28 and 5’1” tall.

The thing he tells me to do I have been ok with. I have to please him whenever he wants which requires me to take off all my clothes and let him do what he wants to me.

Recently I have been told to take off my clothes in places where people might see and that makes me nervous. I don’t want to get arrested.

This week he took me to a biker bar. There were 20 or so guys there. I was the only woman. We had been drinking and talking to some of the guys. Most of them were pretty scary.

Out of no where my husband asked a group of guys if the wanted to ** me. My heart stopped I was so frightened. They all said they wanted to ** me. My husband looked at me and told me to undress. I hesitated until he told me that if I didn’t do what they wanted they would hurt me.

As I began to undress they all gathered around and began to critique my body. I was so scared I began to cry. When I was naked one of them picked me up and sat me on a table and laid me back and I was told to spread my legs.

They ** me for hours. I just did what they wanted do they wouldn’t hurt me. They used all of me. They ** my mouth, **, ** and came on my face, ** and inside me. They laughed every time I orgasmed. I make a funny squeaking noise when I **.

My husband said I came 24 times that night. He had never shared me before that night. Now I’m scared he will do it again. He keeps telling me that he will bring me back there unless I agree to get bigger **.

I had the surgery and now i have 36D **. When I completely healed he brought me back to the bar to show off my ** and they used me again all night.

My husband said since I ** so much I must like ‘all that **’ it’s so humiliating being used like that. When they make me ** I feel like I have no control over my own body.

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  • Leave him and come see me. You sound gorgeous snd should not be lassed sround by that scumbag.

  • Wow! Darling you need to enjoy the action.

    I would kill for an hour of that and you have had two nights. You are a lucky woman

  • Like to hear more stories like this and wife sharing, naughty wife stories, Hope some of you might be from N.E. Ohio.
    Billcandy975at the Y

  • Just admit it. You do like all that **. Once you admit it, you'll enjoy being ** like a ** and having all your holes filled so much more.

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