Had to check her out

I lived alone in a quiet suburb. A coupe in their late 30s or early 40s rented the house across the street from me. They obviously both worked out but she was smoking hot. She was blonde with a beautiful face and a perfect body. She had a nice rack but not too big.

I had to see her naked. Their house had a culvert behind their back yard. One late evening I was up when I heard them come home. I waited for them to go inside and ran to the culvert following it to the back of their house. I climbed over the fence just as the bathroom light went on.

I was incredibly lucky because the window was open and she was standing in front of the mirror talking to her man as she undressed. I watched as she stripped completely naked. She was ** beautiful. Thanks to the mirror I got a 360 view of her.

When the light went out I hurried home to jerked off thinking of her body. I never got the chance to see her naked again

Nov 23
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  • Wingi wingi! Wing it if you can. I'm here to make you cringe! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm a jew and a white boy. I live in Mexico because I need to watch over the drug trade. I built Western civilization for the white, and I'll be damned if a white or a black takes the credit. Now BURNNN.

  • When I ** myself I feel the full force of my **. Powered by my bull **! Keep!

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