I was 14 and a cronic masterbater

I would go to a property up the street that was mostly wooded area , sneak into the thicket . There i would strip naked , i had a playboy of my dad's . I was skinny , not really much pubes yet , and not a big c*** hard , maybe 5" . But i loved jerking , and learned to edge , then finally blowing my c** all over my tummy and c*** . I would rub it all over my front till i got hard again and do it for a few hours. This was mid 70's . So there i was naked covered in c** , lying in the grass. When a man appeared in front of me ! "Hi there , looks like your having fun!" He was a older man, probably late 60's or so . I quickly turned on my stomach, not really sure what to do ! "Ummm, sorry sir, i will get dressed and leave ! He says . "Leave , why ? You look like your having so much fun ! If you allow me , i would love to watch you J*** off! I thought about this , then decided it kinda was exciting , so i said "Ok, just watch right ?" ..........."Oh of course ! Can i sit over here to watch . " He settled in to my right on the ground , I turned around , leaned on a log , my c*** was hard already , i know he could see the glistening c** on my tummy, I slowly started jerking my c*** , He was wide eyed starting at me as i pleasured my self . After 15 minutes , he was very fidgity. I noticed he was touching his crotch occasionally thru his shorts . For some reason this really got my h**** . And was enjoying him starting at me. I felt myself starting to c**, I stopped jerking gripping my c*** hard until the feeling passed , my eyes closed . When i opened them , his c*** was out of his shorts and he was beating off . "That was incredible watching you stiffle off the o*****. Sorry , i could not help myself , is it ok if i take off my shorts and j*** same as you ? " .........Again i thought about it , seemed only fair i let him as i was not in a position to be modest , and actually liked watching his c*** being rubbed . In a few seconds he was naked and sat back down but he was much closer to me now . We both started jerking our c**** . "Man you are so sexy , your smooth body is incredible . "I was a little taken back I was also mesmorized by his c*** , A little bigger than mine , about 6" . "Ummm, thanks , Ummm, i like seeing your c*** too . We sat in silence for a bit , jerking each of our c**** ..........Then i felt his hand on my leg . I tensed up , but for some reason i kept jerking, his hand was warm , and he ran it up and down my thigh , barely touching the base of my d*** I was ready to spew , I quickly grabbed my c*** hard again but it was no use c** started spurting out , i let out a grunt as the first spurt shot out , He gripped my c*** before i knew it and was jerking me , i was shaking as c** shot out covering his hands, he was rubbing his hard c*** against my leg as i was trembling and spasming . Until no more shots happened . "Spectacular ! Wow , can you do that again ? Your c*** is still hard! I could not resist helping you out ! " He was rubbing the c** all over my c*** and b**** , i found my hand on his c***, Rubbing my c** onto his it and his b****. "Oh my god , you feel so good , that was amazing , yea i can c** again! Might be a while! Can i keep touching you ? " Sure he says . Lets lie down on the grass facing each other . This sounded exciting i could touch his c*** and b**** , he and i j*** each other off. As soon as i laid down beside him and rolled over to face him , he put a arm around my pulled me into him . Our c**** were now touching, it felt amazing , I started humping his crotch , soon we were both doing that. I wanted this to never end ! He put a hand between my crack and he was rubbing . Oh boy you have the smoothest ass i ever felt ! His hand pulled back out , and he pulled us closer , i put a leg on top of his as i kept humping , i was groaning and moaning as my c*** was up against his belly , His c*** had now manouvered under my b**** and was touching my ass crack , that was it for me , I grabbed him and pumped my c*** into his tummy , my c** spurting over his tummy i was again going crazy over him , he rolled on his back taking me with him, still shooting , i was able to get in sitting position , his c*** now fully up my ass crack and covered in c** again as i rocked back and forth on it. his member was spreading my ass cheeks apart . I was in extasy !
Soon he grabbed me , rolled me on to the grass, tummy down, he climbed on me , his c*** so embedded in my ass crack, he was pumping like crazy, My c*** was now mashed into the grass , but fully hard again, he was murmuring how he liked f****** me ! (I was bewildered , as he was not actually f****** me , just kinda masterbating, using my ass.).............but f*** did it feel good ! I wonder if i can do the same to him ? Soon he was pounding me into the grass, groaning loudly , i felt several surges of warm liquid seping between us . His body was jerking every time i felt a surge of warm liquid . He finally finished and rolled off me . I touched my ass felt gobs of goo all in my crack, i rubbed it in , finally turning over .
He said , "Next time , come up to the house and tell me your here ! Maybe you would like to try this on the bed !

Nov 26

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  • Witam, przeczytałem twój post i chciałbym nawiązać z tobą przyjaźń. Proszę o odpowiedź, jeśli jesteś zainteresowany, abym dał ci moje zdjęcia i powiedział ci więcej o mnie.

  • Wow, great confession to stroke to. Would enjoy hearing more. bestucando98@yahoo.com

  • I am 55 and m********* every day to old memories.

  • Would enjoy stroking to you old memories. bestucando98@yahoo.com

  • Pity you can’t spell !

  • Pfft I’m 45 and married and am still a chronic masturbator

  • My friends swim without clothes in summer. There's a big lake on private property and it's usually only guys. Some mutual masterbating happens.
    A few of the guy's sisters showed up last summer and saw us.

  • I’m a Masterbaiter also myself but I only do while I’m out fishing on a boat with my friends.

  • Lmao!

  • I was never allowed to m********* as a kid. Long before I reached puberty my parents had told me about urges and I had promised them I would stay pure and not engage in s** before mariage.

    First wet dream came and I confessed my confusion. They asked if I'd been awake or asleep and I said I'd awoken as it happened and that was ok. I still felt like I'd failed. This continued for about a year and then one day I just started humping the bed. It was Sunday afternoon and I was just having a rest when it happened and I had an o*****. It felt so good but instantly I felt so bad. I went and confessed. I was crying because I'd been so weak and given into the desires of the flesh. They were very understanding and we read the bible and prayed together. I was on board with the punishment. The rod of correction. The beating. It cleansed me. It showed my parents loved me. I knew I was forgiven.

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