Rehearsing your own termination

I knew I was going to get fired. I rehearsed the event. I planned to make no objection and do total compliance.

Just as I suspected they told me to turn in my ID and company credit cards and keys.

I had a necklace of keys around my neck. Off my neck and on the table they went. Then my ID, then I went into my wallet and turned in the credit card. There was one final key on my personal key ring which I removed and placed beside the other turned in keys.

At this point the HR lady said "we're sorry John" I replied "you aren't as sorry as I am.

There was a long silence and I wanted to leave. So I got up and said "well theres nothing to do but leave"

As I was walking towards the door the HR lady said "don't go" I stopped walking and thought "why not"?

It seems they wanted this gentleman to walk me out the door to my car.

It was a long walk. I had come in close to 8:00 and I had been almost but not quite late and I had to park in an out of the way space.

It was a long unpleasant walk. we got to my car and my ** said "Have a nice day" I laughed bitterly and I replies "No young man my day is ruined".

Nov 26

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