The Object Of The Office Fun

Fact us, I an not well endowed at all. Matter of fact, I am pretty small, well, tiny I guess in the d*** department. Even so, my wife and I have a good relationship. She teases me about my small d*** and I tease her about her flat ass. All in fun. No harm.

My wife works in an office pool for a large corporation. Between 20 and 25 women in the pool at any given time. One day while I was at work too, she messages me, "send me a d*** pic". Never had that request before from her so I asked her why? She replied that she was just in a mood and wanted my d*** pic. I walked down to the mens room, in a stall I dropped my pants and took a dic pic. I sent it to her. She answered thanks. I went back to work.

I asked her that evening at home what was with the d*** pic? She told me that she wasn't sure but for some reason just wanted to see d*** pics of me. I shrugged it off as some hormone thing. A couple days later she asked for another. I sent another from a different angle. She answered thanks and that this could become a regular thing because she was enjoying getting them of me. Whatever, I thought.

The following weeks I was requested to send one 2 or 3 times a week. A few times she asked me to get it hard first and then take the pic. Not that there was much change to it except it stuck up more. She asked, I sent one each time. It was kind of fun.

We attended a get together of sorts were many if her coworkers attended along with a few of the higher ups. As we sat at a table one of her coworkers stopped by and my wife introduced us. The lady looked right at me and said, so, this is the star attraction? I looked at my wife and caught her holding her index finger to her lips as if telling the woman to be quiet. What the h*** for, I wondered. I was introduced to some I had never met and said hello to those I had already. The part ended and we went home.

Once home I confronted my wife about her shushing the woman who stated I was the star if the iffice ir whatever she said. Wife tried to change the subject. Nope, what was that about, I repeated. Needless to say, I was taken aback when she finally broke down and explained it all to me.

Evidently, the d*** pics were not just for her amusement. She shared them with many in her pool and everyone got a good laugh and had nasty things to say about what I was carrying. Most just compared me to what was f****** them at the time and I was always smaller, much smaller, funnier, and overall, worthless. My wife tried to explain it was all in fun.

I told her that fun between the two of us was one thing but fun with others at my expense wasn't good at all. I was embarrased and hurt by the whole thing. Talk about humiliated is an understatement. I asked how she could do that to me?

She told me that thise she shared with loved to see them. That no one has any illwill towards me. They think you are brave to send them. Some wished that their BF and husbands would be open enough to do the same for them. He sitting there explaining all the pluses made me feel better. I just told her that I wished I had known. She asked that if I knew, would I have sent them? I replied, probably not so as to not be exposed to the world. She asked, now that I know and others know and have seen me, would I keep sending them? I thought fir a moment and asked, is that what you want. She said yes. I told her I would for her but I probably wouldn't want to interact with any of her coworkers again.

Great she said,let's keep doing it. I enjoy it and I think you liked sending them since there was never any hesitation on your part. That was true, so I kept sending them but each time she would share the comments she got on each one that day. We would laugh about it.

Mar 12

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