Nikki is at most 4’9” and 100 pounds soaking wet, and that’s all in her chest. Nikki has dyed fire red hair. Nikki has lips that could suck start a forty year old dodge from a cold start. Nikki has eyes that if they were on a deer, would stop you from shooting it if it was hunting season. Nikki’s p**** like the rest of her is small and tight. Nikki’s ass would make a woman who only does weighted squats quit working out, because it’s that amazingl

So yesterday I ran into Nikki (whom I’ve known now for four years) at a local bar. It was 4 pm and I was there to play acoustic music over dinner. Nikki was meeting a friend there for dinner. She walked up to me while I was setting up on stage, and gave me the best hug I’ve ever gotten from a 4’9 woman. Her b****** pressed into my belly, and her arms wrapped just above my ass. I buried my face in her long curly hair and breathed her in and I heard her let out a little giggle. We talked while I was setting up, and she said she was so happy to have run into me, and that she couldn’t wait to hear some music.

Her friend arrived just before five, and I began my set. I won’t lie, I sang to her all night. Never took my eyes off of her, and sang any and every love song I could think of. Her friend left around 7 and Nikki stayed and kept ordering drinks. By the time I finished at 9, Nikki was very drunk. She came and sat on the stage as I packed up my gear. We shared some small talk, and she mentioned how she didn’t have a ride home as she was to drunk to drive herself. I offered her a ride home immediately, and she very gladly accepted.

I loaded my gear in my car, and when I got into the drivers seat, she leapt into my lap and we made out in the parking lot. The wheeler walker jr song puss in boots was in my head, as it was minus 12 outside and the car hadn’t warmed up yet. She undid my jeans and reached in, grabbing my c*** and began jacking me off. I had her t*** out and we’re sucking on her perfect Hershey kiss pink nipples, as she ground her p**** into my thigh. She climbed off my lap and knelt down on the passenger seat, and began sucking me off until I came in her mouth.

She then took my flask of whiskey and took a long swallow of it, and told me we had to get to her place. Five minutes later we were at her apartment, and she had her clothes off almost before we were in the door. One thing I forgot to mention is, Nikki is also crazier than a s*** house rat. I followed her into her apartment, and we were back at it again on her couch. I’m gonna go pretty quick here, as I’m sure most of you can imagine what happened;
-s** on the couch
-move to kitchen, a*** against the counter for her obviously
-shower s** after the kitchen
-move to bed where I ate her out for what felt like five o****** for her
-she rode me like I was a bicycle and she was in the Tour de France

What I’m trying to say here is Nikki was the best s** I ever had. Nikki blew my god damned mind and nearly wore my c*** out in one night. She is a goddess and when we were finished, she said thanks and told me she really needed that. She also told me it will most likely never happen again, and that I was just really good rebound s**. Now I sit here today pondering calling her, and begging her to allow me to come over tonight, and do it again…. What the f*** should I do?

Dec 13

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