How my wife crossdressed me and made me Bi

I am a mature male in Philadelphia, Pa. One time years ago when my wife and I had s**, she left her nylons on. Afterwards, I told her that was totally sexy and that the feel of nylons was great. After awhile, she left them on all the time we had s**. One night, after getting me hot, she said since I enjoyed the nylons so much, prehaps I should wear them. Figuring that this was a one night thing, I wore them and was in 7th heaven. She eventually raised the bar and before I knew it, I was wearing all black thigh highs, garter belt, panties,She told me he was much bigger than me a Bra (stuffed with socks) and lipstick. This really turned her on. Her next step was a d**** and I had to use it on her and then suck it afterwards. I guess you can realize where this lead. She brought me a wig, leather short skirt and red blouse. Before you knew it, I was jennifer and had to dress in my w**** outfit every chance we had. One night she informed me that she had been having an affair. I accepted this and told her so. I felt since we were both experience before marriage, it was no big thing. Then the bomb dropped. She told me that he was coming over tonight and I was to remain dressed. She also informed me that he was bi and may want oral on him from me. `When I protested this she ca;med me down and said it was just like me sucking a d****. zWell, that night I realized that I was bi sexual. The first time the wife was encourged me by talking andf telling me what to do. When he had c**, I swallowed it all as my wife instructed. Before he left, he said he wanted another one to hold him over. I then performed oral on him again, but when he got ready to c**, he pulled out and came all over my face. When he left, the wife and I had the best s** ever. After talking about the night, she told me that the hottest thing was me getting c** all over my face. Well tat is where we stand. Her lover continues to have s** with her and I have to clean up. It is not the best situation, but it is better than loosing her.

Dec 14

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  • Not the best? I think it is. You are so lucky to have that wife.

  • Hello, i read your post and will like to establish friendship with you, Please reply me if you are interested so that i will give you my pictures and tell you more about myself.

  • I know how it feels to use a sissy. I married but my wife doesn't want to get or receive oral. She also only wants s** it once a month. Most days she doesn't want it.

    I now have a pretty sissy (Kelly) who is my oral c** dump. If Kelly had her way my c*** would be in her mouth 24/7. I love edging her boy-c*** is only 1 1/2 inches for hours until she begs to let her c**.

    I own a company and hired my sweet sissy as my admin she is very passable. Her main job is on her knees under my desk sucking and swallowing. 4 to 5 times a day. Her mouth is magnificent.

    I take Kelly on business trips and I use her boy-p**** until my c*** is sore. Kelly c** every time I f*** her.

    I have come to hate s** with my wife. I'm considering divorcing my wife, so I can be with Kelly all the time.

    She is the perfect woman.

  • Wish I could find my own Kelly. Lucky guy.

  • Hot story. Would enjoy pics and hearing more while I stroke.

  • Gay fantasy?

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