Mom's Boyfriend is HOT

For the past three years I have been sleeping with my mother's boyfriend and she has no idea. I cannot stop and want to marry him. I don't know what to do. It is weird at times. Like hearing them get it on and then he may sneak into my room after she is asleep and F--- me. I am needing advise.

Dec 24

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Never thought that I would be masturbating to ** **

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  • I lost my virginity to my best friend's dad and I'm not posting my age at the time! lol Summer of 1994.
    I already posted the story on here.
    If you can't find it. I went on summer vacation with them and my friend's mom insisted she continue taking violin lessons. She found an instructor in town and they'd stay gone for 3 hours. I didn't want to go with them so I stayed behind.
    He woke up and thought he was alone. He was a shirtless and wearing boxers. I initiated and I'm so glad I did.

  • Would you care to share more privately?

  • I never wanted to marry my ex. But I would love to marry her daughter. After all these years. I'm still in love with her.

  • I lost my virginity to my mom’s boyfriend

  • Do tell more

  • I was 14. My mom had to work late and I always thought her BF was hot.

  • I banged my mom's boyfriend but it was for spite.
    Mom cheated on my dad with him which caused their divorce. My dad never deserved that. During the divorce, it came out she'd been unfaithful for years. Dad rolled over and gave her everything to get out and stayed bummed for months. I was 18 and supposed to start college 5hrs away but I choose to stay local because dad was so bummed.
    I was visiting mom one weekend, mom left to get groceries and John had stayed over. I went into the bedroom and started giving him oral. I gave him a condom and told him to use it because I'm not on birth control. We were still having ** when mom came home. I wanted her to catch us.
    She smacked me for ** him in her house and in her bed under her nose. LOL
    To make things worse. During our fight, I told her that he said I was tighter and better than her.
    btw; mom and I haven't spoken to this day. Dad found out but has never talked with me about it.

  • Are you still doing it?

  • Lol
    No. It was just that one time. I got what I wanted accomplished.
    I found out later, mom broke up with John. I guess she couldn't deal with having ** with the same guy that F**ked her 18 year old daughter which is 'tighter and better' than her old a$$. lol
    Karma IS a real b*tch.

  • Hi for it babe.x

  • That was totally hot. I had similar experience. Slept with BOTH stepdaughters when wife cheated on me lol

  • Now that sounds hot! You sound like someone I'd love to hookup with.

  • Try ** him

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