I slept with 150+ women, now married and monogamous

Due to a unique set of skills I used to be approached by a lot of women. For a while I was selective, but during a depressed period I decided to be a complete ** and lean into it. MFFs, MMFs, orgies, **, a cast of regulars, plus random one night stands. I really lived like a ** star. I look back on my 'list' of this era and it looks like a sickness. I must of poured all my time into it with how many people I was seeing.

Now I have a lovely wife, and a monogamous life. Our ** life is pretty good. I'm happy, but a part of me can't help but think back to 'glory days'. I've started a ** collection of lookalikes of my favorite hookups, but it's a mountain of a task.

I always thinking to expand this collection, but I'm also terrified my wife will find it and realize what it is. I know I'm holding onto the past, but part of me wants to remember it all.

Dec 28
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  • Do share your unique skill sets? Male stripper?!

  • Can make a nice sandwich

  • Change a wheel, build a birdhouse.

    Cut the grass.

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