Gutpunched outside bar in front of my wife

I was in the bar. Guy was hitting on my Wife. I said dude I'm her husband and she's not available. He said f you and kept it up. He was smaller than me but I was nervous but had to defend my wife's honor. So I said you wanna step.l outside thinking my size would intimidate him.. but he said let's go. So outside a small crowd gathered and we began talking trash. Turns out he was skilled fighter and I swung and he blocked it and uppercut me in my gut. I vaguely remember doubling over and he punched me again pushed me up against the dumpster and punched me till I puked

Dec 28

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Vent from a 15 year old girl. It's really long, I'm sorry.

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  • Skilled fighter???? WTF is that? There are a lot of these so called backyard mma fighters out there. Most of them ain't sheeeeit. Just A-holes with undeserved attitude and no real skill. You're just stupid and you gave him too much time to react with your trash talking nonsense. Your first mistake was inviting him outside. You should whacked him in the bar by breaking his knee and put him down before he could react and then stomped his ribs in. That would have put an end to his arogant **.

  • Karate, boxing, mma. Try one. Karate has saved me more times than I can count

  • So you got your ** whipped in front of your wife. What was her response to you telling the guy to stop hitting on her? Did she appreciate you coming to defend her honor? Did she tell him to stop hitting on her and that she was married? What did she say when she got you home after she watched you get beat up?

  • Time to take up boxing lessons dude

  • So did your wife go home with him?

    Or did she take care of you and then invite him over after you were tucked in so she could see what it was like to get ** by a “real” man

  • Lol a "real man" lol.
    That's funking awesome.
    I asked her that after she ** him she said "that **? " I said yeah him". She said he was a ** but he had big **. She said any man can ** a woman. It takez a man to keep one. That's why I'm with you.... Ha!

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