Intrigued on her past

So I have kind of a odd situation and I think I need others opinions. This goed back many years to when I was dating my now wife (Mary).

When we first met she was kind of a female player with several guys she was hooking up with on a fairly regular basis. I knew she was seeing others she said going out for fun but deep down I knew some of it included sleeping with them. About 3 months in her roommate eluded to the fact that the woman I was seeing had experience with a mfm **. Eventually through talking she (Mary) admitted that she had had one ** in her not too distant past but insisted it was before we met. I later learned it wasnt. Anyhow, roughly a month after that Mary had a dramatic shift in ehr personality and it took about a week to talk through things. She told me she met with one of her old friends with benefits to end things and gather some of her belongings. She told me she met up with him at a local bar/restaurant and had a drink and dinner before trying to end things and he was there with one of his friends. Long story short she said she felt woozy and the guys helped her to the home of her FWB, she siad she didnt recall much else other than waking to the FWB talking about her body and his friend touching her and having other things. She did admit her body enjoyed the experience although she herself didn't.

So now nearly 20 years later, I was out drinking with Mary and we were talking and she started talking about the past. We talked about the two guys she had the ** with and she admitted it continued to well into our dating although prevoisuly she said maybe one or two more over the first month after we were seeing eachother. Then the topic came to her other friend with benefits, we talked about him some then the night of this break up session that she led me to think was more of a SA than enjoyable act. Well the new truth is that while drinking they did shots and the FWB told her he wanted to watch her with his friend, she siad she told them no but then had several more drinks and said he was pretty cute. She admitted to getting too tipsy and agreeing to sleep it off at the FWB place. She said his friend suggested more drinks eventually talking her into just kissing -- she said they made out for a bit and she didnt recall how but they ended up sleeping together. She admitted the friend had ** with her 3 times and she admitted she recieved a lot of pleasure from that while her FWB watched and she also hooked up with the FWB the same night once between and once after.
So now my question is it all a lie? She did push the issue and filed a polie report ultimately dropping charges against those two, was this a rhuse to cover up her last night of fun?

Jan 5

Next Confession

Pour ur suggestion pls

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  • Are you sure that it was her last night of fun?

  • She is probably still getting her “fill”

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