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My ex wife and I split up 2 years ago, After we split I took some time to be alone and then went online dating, Wow what an experience but that's a whole other story, While cruising Bumble one evening I had set my age all the way down to 18 and low and behold what did I stumble across but a profile with some very memorable pics with a background I was very familiar with.
I swiped right and and waited to see if my ex called me to ream me out but instead her daughter sent me a message saying "Hey stranger". Well lets just say I couldn't even respond right away because my hands were shaking so bad, I eventually responded with "Hey, What's new?", Her response shocked me when she said "Let's meet", I said "When and where", She named a place and time and I went fully expecting to be confronted with something I wouldn't be happy about but instead I pulled up and my ex's daughter jumped in, Looked around and said lets go for a drive.
The last time I seen her she was 16 and turning into quite a beautiful woman, I had looked through her profile pics which were...Provocative and showed a lot of cleavage she didn't have last time I seen her. She straight away asked me "Why'd you swipe right?", I said "You know why", She said "Because ** be would be the ultimate revenge for my mom going crazy and leaving you?". I scrunched my face and nodded. She told me to pull into the park and stop so I did, She climbed over my console and straddled my lap, Pulled her shirt over her head and pulled my head to her cleavage.
Blah, Blah long story short we ended up in the back seat and I ** her so hard, I blew my load twice deep inside her and she said "Don't pull out...Don't..." so I did and she squirted all over my seat. We have been ** for 3 months and she loves it.

Jan 9

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