No matter you cannot duplicate the feelings of youth ** later on

I was very introverted as a teen. As such, I read a lot and went to the movies alone. I had a bike and I would sometimes leave the house and ride around for hours. On one of those bike rides I came across a car that was parked beside the road. I rode by, and to my surprise I saw to men making out. I kept going and hid my bike and walked back where I could watch. I climbed a tree and sat up in a branch looking down through the front window as they kissed and jerked off, and went down on each other. It was the most exciting day of my life.

That night I had my first true **. I rode around there but never say anyone again and in time the memory stayed and when I dreamt about them, I dreamt about making out. I had a classmate and I dreamt of making out with him.

I was at the movies alone and as usual I went to the bathroom before watching the movie and this man came in and patted me ** the **. He told me he had seen me there before and thought I was very good looking. When we returned to the theatre he sat beside me and put his arm around me and started kissing my cheek, He reached over with his other hand and grabbed my pants and kissed me on the mouth. He took me home with him after the movie and I found out what it was like to get naked and have **. I wasn't the one on top.

I met him at the movie theatre in the morning showings because there was hardly anyone there. We went to his house and got naked and played naked games and watched videos of men having **, we made out a lot and we always had **. I looked forward to Saturday mornings and getting out of the house.

Later on, past college and living on my own I reflected on those day when I was first having ** with that man. I recalled things in detail and the feelings of being naked and kissing made me shiver. As an adult all my encounters were much more intent, get naked to have **. I really missed being kissed and held naked before having **. I decided that the next time I went out I would make that part of the deal.

But memories of youth never can be duplicated. I love making out and I love having **. But those days of just kissing naked are a thing of the past. They are seared in my memory but I'm afraid that is where they will stay.

Jan 10

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