Spreading my wings into the lesbian community

I am from Puerto Rico, a middle class family. I have two sisters who are younger than me. I finished high school and got into the local University in San Juan. My mother made arrangements for me to live with my mother's older cousin, where I would be comfortable with the lifestyle. On the first day I was there, after she showed me my room and around the apartment, she sat me down and said I needed to be aware of something. But not pass it around.

She only slept with girls. She said my mother had told her already that I was the same. So if I woke up one morning and a strange girl was there not to be surprised.

I thought I was open minded. As I lived there and I got to know her, her lesbian self became more and more noticeable. She may be a woman but she hunted women. Especially young college age women, emphasis on young. High school really. San Juan has a large transient community and she knows how to hunt in those parts of town. I was confronted by a high school girl one morning, who asked me if I wanted to have ** with her too.

She takes me to parties, all lesbian parties, with women of all ages. Older women hunting for girls, and girls there wanting to be hunted. Lots of kissing and touching and more than one girl with her legs open. These parties can get raunchy, open ** orgies. Where the young girls come from I don't know, but they are all 'college' girls who have no problem being stripped and mounted in public. To me, in my humble opinion, they are whores. But that's what the lady hunters like at those parties. I'm there to watch and learn.

I just don't see myself being made love to by one of those older women. Maybe I'm a bit reserved. I'm looking for a younger college girl and go mutual. I just don't want anything to do with a **.

I have a girl I am close to at college, we met there. She is a true college student like I am, she lives with her parents. It's hard to offer to be nice to her if you don't have anywhere you can go and get intimate. We've talked about it. My 'aunt' says I can bring her there and show her that I'm serious. I just don't know, I don't want to have my first time with her and my 'aunt' listening and coaching us on what to do.

Jan 12

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