OP From - “My Husband Is Gaining Weight And I’m Into It!”

I’ve been pretty open with my liking of his new, fuller figure.
About one week ago he told me why he thought he was getting fat from stress at work maybe, and I told him I like his body. He said that I only like him because he’s getting fat. I told him how cozy and cuddly and warm he is now and I just love that a lot!
Since then he hasn’t said anything more, but I’ve been more bold with my affections and showing him that I LOVE his body.
(Possibly TMI for some):
I touch his belly every time I kiss him, I kiss on his neck while on top and I squeeze the chub on his sides and I’ll whisper in his ear, asking him if he likes it and call him my big boy or big ** man. He goes WILD and he moans louder than ever and can barely say “oh yes baby…” I also grab and squeeze his sides and his now soft, doughy belly when I give him a BJ and he could barely speak because of his deep moans and had to make me stop because it felt so good he was about to finish and wanted to do more than just that.
When I told him how much I loved his thick, big, ** body, and how hot and bothered I am by looking at him he got so into it and he started pounding me so good and so passionately! He’s never seemed THAT enthralled and the way he did it was just so so HOT! I think me being even more out there and showing him I admire him and his thicker frame has worked wonders for him!
He seems to be more confident than ever, he seems to be happy in himself, and I think him having a wife who doesn’t mind and even likes his extra weight is a relief for him, because he knows he can eat and drink whatever he wants whenever he wants and his body can change any which way, and he’s still going to get all of the affection, love making, and that special attention.
He’s gone from athletic / toned to chubby and sensual!!

I love him always, and if he ever decides to lose weight I would miss the extra softness and chub, but I would support him! 100%! I’m all for him being happy and confident in himself. I love my big ** man, and his nice, thick, soft body, and I’m fully certain he knows that!

Jan 12

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