My husband agreed to share me with my boss

My husband is officially sharing me with my boss.
I'm 39 and have worked at this insurance agency for 12 years. My boss 52, lost his wife to ovarian cancer this past July and I can tell it's taking a toll on his mental and physical health. He's lost so much weight since she started treatments and he's always sad. Please don't think he was obese, he's an attractive man 6ft 7in, salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. When he slimmed down to less than 200lb, his wife's doctors noticed and encouraged him to take care of himself. After her passing, he joined a gym, started a good diet and is started to look healthy again.
As for me, I'm a vegan and have always obsessed about my weight. In todays culture, people would say I have a problem. I spend hours at the gym on the treadmill, stair climber and in the cross fit room. I'm 5ft and 105lb and have 2 teenagers. I can proudly say at my age, I can wear a size xsmall dress and jeans from the children's department. lol My DNA report card says I'm 45% French, 30% Russian Jew, 13% Scandinavian, 9% Mediterranean and 3% Other.
I should also add that my husband and I got into swinging/swapping with a group of friends after we first got married. We were very active in that lifestyle for around 3 years. We took a break to have kids and raise our family.
Sorry to ramble but this is my first story on here and I thought it would be helpful to add some background about all party's involved.
Back to my lonely boss.
During the week of Christmas this year, he was very sad. We talked and he told me this will be the first year he'll be having Christmas Eve dinner alone. I invited him to my house. He declined and told me it wouldn't be the same. Before his wife got ill, he was an avid golfer and current member and board of director at a small country club. This is the place he has all our banquets and on occasion invites everyone for a dinner.
He and his wife always had Christmas Eve dinner there. Last year, she was so frail and low immunity, they gave the two of them a conference room over looking the course while the staff wore gloves and masks around her. This year will be different.
I asked if I could be his date. He acted shocked but happy. He asked about my plans. I told him my family meets Christmas Day for dinner at my parents. Our daughters spend Christmas Eve with their boyfriend's family. I told him I'll confirm with my husband he'll understand.
I told my husband and he got excited for me. He would be fine at him pet sitting and watching sports. I told him it was just dinner and I'd be home later. He suggested I spend the night with him and 'rock his world'. That's what my husband says I do to him. lol
I agreed.
I wore a LBD with black nylons and my favorite red 3inch platform heels. That helped me to be a little taller. lol
We had an amazing dinner. He's been so heart broken for months, I didn't know how to tell him I have approval to have ** with him tonight.
He talked about his wife and cried a little. He told me how long she'd suffered. I asked how long it'd been since the last time. He told me 3.5 years. I let him get composure, placed my hand on his, looked into his eyes and said, 'you are a good man and are long over due. If you are willing, I want to give you what you've missed out on all these years.'
There was more conversation and I convinced him, my marriage is strong and I have approval if he's willing. We went back to his place and had ** numerous times. Poor guy couldn't last but I stayed until he was finally finished and we slept in the same bed together.
I got home the next morning and my husband wanted all the details. As expected.
I have approval to have dinner, spend the night and have ** with my boss anytime.
Currently, I've met up with him three times and it looks like I will be his dinner date at the country club each Friday night and spend the night. He's already made room in his closet and dresser for me to keep extra cloths at his place.
Again, sorry this is long.

Jan 13

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  • Good and heartwarming story. I think you are a force for good in this world, I really mean that. It sounds like you really helped this guy out, because he might not have found anyone else, given his state of mind. I hope you are able to help him regain his health and performance. Kudos to your husband for cooperating. I hope you write again later and tell us more about how this works out and perhaps add more detail. Thank you for a story way above average.

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