Rectal Thermometer

There is something arousing about watching (or at least hearing about) an older boy (tween, teen) get his temperature taken rectally.

Jan 15

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  • It must be so embarrassing for a teenage boy to have to submit to a thermometer being stuck in his **, especially when it's a woman doing it to him.

  • My wife keeps me diapered 24/7 and ONLY takes my temp like this. She has a candy thermometer she uses too just to prove a point.

  • My wife treats me like a baby and keeps me in diapers all the time. When ever she feels like it she takes my temp just like that. I have to lay there and let it happen. She also has a candy thermometer that she uses sometimes just because it's bigger and wants to embarrass me more.

  • I had it done to me when I was in 7th grade, and I wasn't happy. I had a bad flu and had a high temperature. My mom kept me home from school, and the doctor told her to take my temperature regularly to make sure my fever didn't spike. She gave me the regular electronic one you put in your mouth, and sometimes it was high. Whatever the doctor prescribed made me really tired, and between the pill and my fever, I fell asleep and was out of it for at least 6 hours. When I woke up, I heard my mom and one of her friends in the kitchen, talking about my fever and my temperature that they apparently took when I was asleep. I thought to myself, how was she able to take my temperature while I was asleep? Then I looked over at my night stand and right there was a jar of Vaseline and one of those old fashioned thermometers that they use in your **. I thought, No-way! She didn't stick that in my ** while I was asleep; did she? I went into the kitchen and my mom said, "You're finally awake! We couldn't get you up. Don't worry, Aunt Judy took your temperature while you were asleep, and it wasn't too high." What did I hear? My mom's friend took my temperature? If she used that type of thermometer on my, that means she must have pulled down my pants and saw my naked **! Did she actually stick it in my **? I was so embarrassed! I saw my mom's friend look over at my mom and give her a smirk, like they something I didn't. Then my mom told me not to use the thermometer on my night stand because it's not for my mouth. Her friend let out a laugh and said "but if you want me to use that thermometer on you, just ask. I'll be happy to take it that way again

  • I've heard of women who are into taking guys' rectal temperature; especially boys. For some reason, they like aiming the thermometer at a boy's ** and then sticking it in. I guess they get turned on by invading a boy's **.

  • Dude, that is so embarrassing. Your mom's friend stuck the thermometer in your ** and then said she'd be happy to do it again?

  • It was super embarrassing. There were other things she said that I didn't mention, because I was too embarrassed to even write about it here.

  • Come on, bruh. Tell us. You already started. What else did she say?

  • Okay, but it's really embarrassing. My mom's friend said to her, "When I pulled the thermometer out of your boy's little **, his ding-a-ling stood up nice and stiff, like an obedient little soldier." She then asked my mom if I was "ripe." My mom then told her about finding my ** on my bedsheets, blanket and other places. I could not face her again.

  • You were in 7th grade and they did that to you? Sounds like your mother's friend is a pervert, and your mother isn't that much better, letting her do that to you.

  • Yeah, especially when he doesn't want it, but his mom or some other woman forces him to take it in his **. And if he's really cute, with a cute little **, there's nothing sexier than seeing the thermometer sticking out as he lies on his stomach, as you anticipate what it will be like when it's pulled out. Will the mom/other woman inspect the thermometer for any traces of **? Will she smell it? Will she wipe the vaseline or whatever lubricant she used right from his **?

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