When I get out of the shower, I like to put on my house coat and kneel over the heater vent. One time I felt my wife come over me, pull up my house coat and sit down on me. She began to spank me as I stayed quiet. I got spanked about ten minutes. I liked it. When she got up she told me to come to the living room. I just obeyed. When I got there she put me in the diaper position and then kneeled over me. She started bare hand spanking me what felt like forever. My ** hurt and burned. When she got up she ordered me to stay there. I obeyed for fun. When she got back on me I felt the sting of spoons. I cried ans squremed but she wouldn't stop. Simply turned on the TV and turned it up. When done I felt to see if I had an ** left feeling welts. She informed me she would spank me anytime she felt like it. It continues to this day. I know she likes it because when I squirm and yelp she laughs. Well that is my life.

Jan 16

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The LORD GOD knows i'm not retarded but i'm slow

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