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Some PB guy couldn’t get my Jewish wife to cheat with him or some s*** like that so he put out ads for voyeurs to take pictures of her (some naked) and then send to me, all while telling me I’m a c******* and to let him F*** her or he’ll post them online... seriously WTFH?
Let me tell you my wife she not like some pretty teen she a mom (with teens), she’s an older Jewish woman with a big ** and belly but she does show off her massive cleavage lots because it difficult to find close which not get tight on her neck otherwise, but she a sweet woman who not give anyone any reason to think otherwise.
This first happen in 2015 and 2018 but now it’s happening again for some reason.
At first I think she’s ** some creep off, because women apparently have to deal with this right, then I think it’s something I did because they started emailing and texting her too... well that was what I thought before Police got involved, then cops tell me we must have done something to really ** these people off so bad because what we had seen was nothing compared to adds cops found online. I mean I’m getting scared because we’ve both change job and our phones and emails and moved and it happening again here too. Law enforcement doesnt have time to deal with this s*** anymore and my wife is angry at ME for it like I was one who posted these ad and now our eldest is dealing with it, I mean what can we do about this?

Jan 17

Next Confession

I wish my dad was dead.

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  • What the ** are you talking about? Learn to write in English, please, or if English isn't your primary language, learn to write proficiently in your native language. I would prefer reading a coherent statement in Spanish, Russian, French, whatever, than reading this drivel in broken English. And what's with telling us she is your JEWISH wife? What are you, some kind of creepy antisemite? And finally, as Neil Page said to Dell Griffith, when you tell a story, have a point. It makes it so much nicer for the listener.

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