Buddies wife Christine

After a night of partying my buddy and I convinced our other buddies wife to let us spit roast her which ended up in a DP. We thought it would be a 1 time thing. They live around the block so they are always over and she teases any chance she gets which makes it really tough. So there is a lot of probing and ** going on when her husband is not looking. I like that she lets us use her anyway we want. But it’s hard to say no when she flaunts her ** that is amazing. She kind of looks like ** star Sienna West. Since I’m the closest to them I see her a lot. When she goes for a jog she ends up here and i end up doing a lot of fun things with her. Hoping she’s at least on birth control. That all I have to say needed to get it off my chest.

Jan 21

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  • I am single and purchased a house and have lived here for about 2 years. Great neighborhood but my next door neighbor is a total **. Rude and totally dislikes me. He is about 10-15 years older than me with 2 kids and a hot wife. His family is nice but he is not. Being single i do have people women and friends over require a bit but a rarely loud. His wife is a stay at home wife and has a lot of time on her hands. I work primarily from home. If he only knew that when she gets back around 8:15 until 2:55 when she goes to pick up the kids from school I pretty much use her as I want. She walks into my home from the back yard in trance and is usually in a g string or a robe completely naked with a but plug or some sort of toy. For about 1-1/2 she has let me use her as a personal ** doll. She tells me that I own her and she was placed on this planet to be used by me. She say’s says this while we ** and it brings us to an ** that is amazing. She was an ** virgin up until a year ago and now she is a pro at taking it. She told me that her husband has hinted at having another baby. I am pretty sure that her plan is to have my baby. Well she just walked in and I am going to give her what she wants.

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