Most Women make horrible relationship decisions.

I have never understood the female interest in "Bad boys" and it ** me off ..endlessly. FFS, as a man who was raised to be a respectful, understanding, well balanced by human, I was always annoyed by girls who would date a bad person ( for what ever reason; allure, to ** of daddy, ect. ) Then complain that whomever was a bad person. This is what I see, but I may be completely incorrect;
Starting early, Many young women go that direction, Ignoring all other options. And it's all vanity. Just Vanity. It's not that they're actually attracted. They think other people will be jealous of them dating a "bad" or "dangerous" guy. They're dating someone that they have some terribly misconstrued image of, then go full "Shocked Pikachu" when they get smacked. They Knew they were playing with fire, then want to complain about the burn. Sadly, these are simultaneously the same kind of women who will procreate like mice, and perpetuate the same damned thing through their children. I don't understand why young women, entering dating age forward, have no interest in respectful relationships....(oh wait, at least, not until they have 3 children with at least two men, and have zero to contribute and naught but burden. That's then they want a stable, "Good" man with a good job, but only then). It's confused me for decades.

Jan 22

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  • It usually starts in high school, then they realize the different guys are best. It’s a phase or an addiction and sometimes they don’t understand it until they have a black eye. It’s sad but true.

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