Wrestling with my widow neighbor

I was starting to make friends with the widow woman who is my neighbor. After awhile few became friends and one day we wrestle with each other. We have been wrestling with each other ever since.

Feb 2

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  • My neighbor is a widow and I am am widower also. Are both in our mid 40’s and lose our spouse about a year ago. Over that we spoke to each but nothing beyond that. About two years later we started to going out for a meal or movies but nothing physical or sexual. A few months later we just watching tv and the show was a comedy and one point the husband and wife were were wrestling with each other. I say looks like fun, and she said yes it does. We got on knees on the floor and started wrestling with each other. We were wrestling all tangled together rolling around grappling, grabbing and groping each other. We both have been on top or bottom of each while putting each other into many different positions and situations while wrestling extremely rough and tuff with each other. This started our relationship with wrestling and dry humping each other. This we keep doing while we need to find out where we go from here.

  • We are at her house and just got home from a night out. She is looking good in her jeans. We get on the floor and start to wrestle. After about a minute of rolling around I grab her between her legs and apply a leg cradle on her. We go again and she did not pick up on the fact I was going for the same move. I run my hand over her crotch and down between her legs and put her in full body cradle. We are wrestling extremely rough now and I have her on her stomach and I have her arms behind her head and using my hands to hold her I have my aroused hard p**** pressing on her rear end. She moans and tap out. She now had my waist in a leg lock and with her very muscular legs and thighs she is squeezing me hard and I submit the match. Now I have her in a full body pin after some very extreme wrestling that included grabbing, grappling and groping and all different wrestling techniques and holds. She taps out. Now she is in full control of this match and has me in a grapevine hold and is spreading my legs so far apart that I submit to her . We are now tangle together and are rolling around crotch to crotch. I get the pin and she taps out but she now is able to reverse the hold so we are still crotch to crotch but she is on top and has the pin. We are both extremely h**** now so our jeans come off and we are fry humping each other. We both feel satisfied that we have fulfilled our sexual desires and enjoyed our wrestling but still need to figure our our relationship. We will keep on wrestling and dry humping until we find some answers.

  • We are on another date. We had dinner and saw a movie. We then go back to her house. She brings out two new pairs of wranglers mid blue stretch women and men’s jeans. We take off our dress black jeans and put on the new ones. She is now on top in the wrestler 🤼‍♀️ advantage position and I am on the bottom. We start to wrestle I move into her and roll her over me. I am on top of her but I am laying across her and not on top. We reached up and pull me down with a headlock and she is able to wrap her strong muscular legs and thighs around my waist. I am able to buck her off of mme. we are now rolling around tangled together wrestling extremely rough and hard with each other. We both have been putting each other into many different situations and wrestling 🤼‍♀️ holds but we just cannot get the winning pin. We are both very aroused and h**** but we keep on wrestling. This is our best match ever. She gives me one tiny chance and I get her into a grapevine hold and I and placing a lot of pressure on her but she keeps on trying to wrestle out of it. I move up out of the grapevine into a full body crotch to crotch hold and I get the pin. We hold that position and we remove our jeans and wrestle again until she has me in a leg to leg cradle hold and I tap out. We start to grind on each other to satisfy our sexual desires. We wrestle a few more times in our underwear and dry hump again. Our relationship is moving ahead in a good way,

  • Give her a rko 69

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